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You have to achieve a star rank or higher on each and every of the cups in each and every CC (Mushroom, Flower etc of the 50CC, 100CC etc). So, achieve a star in each one and you have a star rank. Two stars is two star rank. Three stars (very tough, shows you are a pro :) ) means you have three stars next to your name while your race.

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What does WFC stand for in Mario Kart?

WFC stands for 'WiFi Connection' meaning it is online play

How do you play Mario Kart online?

In the main menu, choose Nintendo WFC.

How do you enter tournaments on Mario Kart wii?

To enter tournaments, you need to have Mario kart wii WFC. (wifi connection) Then add the Mario kart wii channel to your home page, then enter a tournaments.

Mario Kart friend codes?

to get a friend code be able to connet to Nintendo wfc

Do both people have to have Mario Kart Wii discs to play Mario Kart with your friend?

If you mean on Nintendo WFC, yes. If you mean on multiplayer on one wii, no!

How do you make yourself a guest on Mario kart wii?

Well, if you are talking about WFC then you need to go to WFC in two-player mode and the 2nd player will be the guest.

How do you disconnect people on WFC internet on Mario Kart?

You Can't People would be doing that left and right if that was avaliable

What is action replay on Mario Kart Wii?

it is a cheat system. people use it mainly to have fun but some people go on wfc and wreak havoc.

How do you get birdo on Mario Kart wii?

Set a Time Trials record on 16 different courses, 250 WFC races, or 1,350 races should be won.

How do you download ghosts in Mario kart wii for wfc?

Have internet at home with a wireless router. Then connect you wifi to you internet via wireless. Turn the game on and load up the disk and access Mario kart online from in the game and you should see download ghosts You go on the Mario Kart Channel and then rankings, time trial rankings. Play another ghost and they're downloaded.

What is the best Kart or bike to drive on Mario Kart WFC?

Best kart = Baby Booster, Nostalgia, Offroader Best bike = Nanobike, Quacker, Bonbon, Phantom, Believe me all these are very good. You need to be very pro at MKW to use them. They take a lot of skill to use.

Can you start off with a mushroom on Mario Kart?

If you chose the Time Trial mode you automatically start out with 3 Mushrooms but for real races with AI players or over Nintendo WFC it is not possible.

How do you add a friend code on Mario kart wii?

Go to Nintendo WFC>friends>register a new friend code. then put your friend's code. My online name: 2TR*BadLuck

How many player are able to play on Mario kart wii?

You can play with four people at the most in split screen multiplayer and you can play with up to 12 people in WFC multiplayer races

What is the autopilot code for Mario Kart?

The autopilot hack is a code that essentially allows the CPU to play instead of the player. It is handy so you don't need to disconnect from WFC if you need to take a break.

But you really want to be hacker on Mario kart wii?

To become a hacker, you need special cheat codes to download on your Wii. It can be dangerous so watch out and it is possible to get you banned from WFC. You can find codes on the Internet.

Pokemon Diamond wifi works but Mario kart ds wifi Nintendo wfc doesn't why?

it depends where you live. If you live in a built up city you will be more able to get it than if you live in the country side.

How do you race friends on Mario Kart wii?

You have to set up Internet connection up on your wii and then go onto Nintendo WFC and get your friends friend code and type it in and your friends can accept ! Thanks for rreading x

What is the object of Mario Kart Wii?

Mario Kart Wii is a very fun, popular game for the Wii console. Controllers you can use are a regular GameCube controller, the Wii Wheel, Classic Wii Controller,Wii remote, or the Wii remote with Nunchuk.When you insert the game disc of Mario Kart Wii, a whole new racing adventure begins! First, you will create a special license just for you with your Mii. Then, you pick the mode in which you'd like to play (ex: single player, Nintendo WFC, multiplayer, etc.) If you picked single player, you can start your racing career in Grand Prix, battle CPU's, regular VS race... If you picked multiplayer, you can play up to four of your friends! Nintendo WFC is a very useful feature on the game. When you select 1P or 2P you will need a Wi-Fi connection from your computer to your Wii. (ex: Linksys or whatever adaptor). Select "Worldwide, Regional, or Friends". Then, you can find a group of players to race/battle with and earn VR (VS Rating) or BR (Battle Rating).FRIENDS:When you play Mario Kart Wii, you have a special Wii Friend Code you can send to your friends. If they have Mario Kart Wii, they can send you their Wii Friend Code, then you can become friends over Mario Kart Wii. You can race with your friends, battle with them online, or create rooms and invite all your friends. Friends are found in the Friend Roster.Mario Kart ChannelThe Mario Kart Channel will become of great use to you. At the Mario Kart Channel, you can check ratings to certain tournaments, race against ghosts, or visit your friends. You can also install the Mario Kart Channel on your Wii Menu so that you don't even need a game disc to enter the Mario Kart Channel.Mario Kart Wii is very fun, I recommend you buy the game! Grab the wheel and go!

How do you find id number for Mario Kart for Nintendo?

Not sure exactly what you mean here, but it might be that you want to find you friend code on Mario Kart Wii. Here's how: From the main menu, choose Nintendo WFC. Then choose Friends. Then it will display your user name and me at the bottom of the screen along with a 12 digit number separated by two dashes. This is your friend code. Hope that helps.

Friend wfc code for Mario cart Wii?


Mario kart Wii how to get mirror mode on wfc?

Mirror mode on Nintendo WFC depends on the points every player in the V.S race has. For example: if there is a race full of players that only have 5000 points, mirror mode will probably not show up. But if there is a race full of 8000+ players, mirror mode is more likely to show up.

What is a Nintendo wee?

A NintendoWii is a device that, with the right game, you can connect with people around the world! With Mario Kart Wii, in Nintendo WFC, You can play with people around the world. The Nintendo Wii is a very fun and entertaining TV device.

What are the small vehicles in Mario Kart Wii?

Small Karts How to Unlock Standard Kart S Booster Seat Mini Beast Cheep Charger * rank on all 50cc grand prix cups Tiny Titan get 1 expert staff ghost/win 50 wfc races Blue Falcon win mirror lightning cup Small Bikes How to Unlock Standard Bike S Bullet Bike Bit Bike Quacker win 150cc star cup Magikruiser 8 recorded times on time trials Jet Bubble win mirror leaf cup

Now do you be your mii on Mario Kart wii?

Racing Suit: Win the Special Cup in 100cc or play 1,650 racesOveralls/Dress: Unlock Expert Staff Ghosts on all 32 courses in Time Trial mode, play 5,000 WFC Races, win 5,000 WFC Ghost Races, or play 5,100 combined races/battles