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Copy These guys don't have any stocks for the 87A right now but I hope they get some soon. I'm looking for one, too.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:25:46
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Q: How do you get a stock for a model 87A?
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Where would you find a replacement stock for a Springfield model 87A?

Numrich Arms,Gun Parts inc

Can you see a picture of springfield model 87A?


Can you buy for a Model 87A semiautomatic 22 a loading tube insert and a Butt Plate?

We have original inner magazine tube assemblies in stock.

Where can you find parts for a J Stevens model 87A 22cal semiauto rifle?

Parts for a Stevens Model 87A can be found at:

What is the age of Stevens model 87a Stevens 87 a?

I found the J.Stevens model 87A 22 semi auto rifle to be approximately 82 years old hope this helps -------Vandy

What years was the Stevens savage 87A rifle made?

The first model 87A was made from 1938-1945.There was also a Stevens model 87 semi-auto that was made in the early 1980,s.

Can you buy a loading tube insert and a Butt Plate for a model 87A semi automatic 22?

We have original inner magazine tube assemblies for that rifle in stock.

Parts for Stevens model 87a?

Numrich gun parts

What is in the stock of a Stevens 22 model 87A?

made of Tennite Plastic,,,inside is a piece of wood in hollow cavity for added weight. sometimes it rattles. Remove butt and epoxy wood inside will fix the rattle.

Can you still get parts for a Springfield Model 87A 22 rifle?

Try gunpartscorp and Wisner's websites.

Where is the serial number located on a Stevens Model 87A?

If manufactured prior to 1969, it doesn't have one.

Need help with springfield assembly model 87a?

Send me your email, I'll send you a scan of the manual.

Where can you get a new stock for a Model 87A 22 rimfire?

Try looking on e-bay, they have a lot of odd stuff. there is an add on the net inside AIMSURPLUS or SURPLUSRIFLE for a site called BURGESS I think..........they make replacement stocks for many rifles

What year was the 22 rifle Model 87A made?

About 200,000 were made between 1938-1945, value around $50.00

What is the value and age of a J Stevens Arms Company 22 auto rifle model 87A?

50-150 USD

I need a brake down of model 87a rifle.?

Send me your email address & I can send you a scan of the break down & original manual.

The Springfield Model 87A 22 caliber you have jams when you shoot long rifle shells What can you do to cure this problem?

Have it examined by a good gunsmith

Where can you find a knob for a savage springfield model 87a?

I would first look at the numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101 18 short long long rifle semiautomatic?

Savage model 87A

Can you get info on a model?

I have a Springfield model 87a. 22 short an long rifle automatic. It was made by j. Stevens firearm co in Chicopee falls mass USA. Can I get a parts catalog for it an when was it made

Where can you find a stock for a model 121 Remington Pump?

The stock for this model gun can be found at cabella's

What is the value and age of a Stevens Savage Arms re225852271576 Model 87a?

My father left us the same Stevens Model 87A rifle. Have you found any info on what it is worth... as in what should I expect to receiver in a private party sale? thanks if you can pass on any info. Cheryl These guns typically sell at retail for under $100.

Will a stock from a Remington 870 fit a model 1100?

No, the Remington Model 1100 stock has a hole (recepticle) through the inside of the stock in the pistol grip area to accept the action spring tube. The Remington Model 870 stock has no need for this hole so the 870 stock will not fit on the Model 1100 action.

A tube for your savage Stevens model 87A RIFLE?

Magazine tube for a Savage/Stevens 87a should be easy give Brownells a call. I think the part I got for my Stevens Springfield 86 is the same part. Theirs is listed as Old Savage fine in my bolt 86. Ed

Complete diagram for Savage arms model 87a Stevens 22 rifle blue prints?

email me use word savage I may have what you want