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How do you get a stone look on concrete floors with stain?

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Can you stain concrete with wood stain?

Yes you can use wood stain on concrete but it will not penetrate the concrete, it does look nice and you can use different shades together. To keep the stain on it use a concrete sealer in a couple coats, it will give it a shiny wet look. I have tried it with fake wood only because where I live I can't get concrete stain. And it looks great.

Can you use min wax water based stain on concrete?

No, it is intended for wood and soaks in too much to look good on concrete. HD sells a good variety of concrete stain.

How do you match your exsiting hardwood floors with old ones?

If, You have a stain on your floor, match it with the same stain. If you're matching a natural wood look. Coat the flooring with the same type of finish, example: oilbase to oilbase, waterbase to waterbase.

Concrete Patio Installation?

form_title=Concrete Patio Installation form_header=7703 Can you describe the kind of concrete project this is?*= () Replacement of existing concrete () New concrete for existing home () New construction of home "Which special concrete applications, or finishes, are you interested in?"*= [] "Smooth trowel finish [] Special color, stain, or other additive [] Brush textured finish (slip-resistant) [] Cover electrical or radiant heat pipes [] Stamped to look like stone, brick or tile [] Cover irrigation pipes, drains, etc. [] Lightweight concrete" Please specify which concrete surfaces you want to have installed. (Select all that apply)*= [] Exterior walkway or sidewalk [] Steps [] Patio

What is stain negative?

A negative stain is a stain that colorizes the area surrounding the cells you are trying to look at. If you dont use a stain to stain the cells, they will appear colorless.

After using acid etching will stain adhere to concrete?

To prep the surface use quikrete etching stain. Quikrete offers a semi-transparent stain that gives it a two-tone look. It comes in a variety of colors. I know Lowe's offers it for around $25-$30 a gallon. Also they have a product that is etch and stain in one. Only certain Lowe's carries it. You may be able to special order it in.

What do clostridium tetani look like on a gram stain?

Clostridium tetani look very clean, large, and dark colored on a gram stain. They look like this because of the way the light from the sun hits them when on a gram stain.

What kind of floors did Romans use?

Take a look at the infographic below, its tells you about flooring throughout the ages! Romans generally used marble/mosaic/stone flooring.

Why do you not see your reflection when you look at a building made of rough white stone?

Because the surface isn't polished enough to reflect. If it was polished marble or any other polished stone, you might be able to see a reflection. It would be equivalent to getting a reflection from rough concrete, it wont happen. The rough surface of stone or concrete scatters the light reflecting off of it.

How do you make concrete?

Look up concrete in Wikipedia for detailed information. Concrete for a foundation or floor is generally mixed in the proportion 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 4 parts gravel (or crushed stone). Crushed stone is better than water worn stone as its irregular shape makes for stronger concrete. If a bag of cement is approximately 1 cu. ft., a 1:2:4 mixture calls requires 1 bag cement, 2 cu. ft. sand and 4 cu. ft. stone Since the sand and cement fills the voids of the stone the above quantities yield 4½ cu. ft. concrete. The concrete mixture is mixed, by hand with a shovel or in a portable powered concrete mixer, with water just sufficient to provide a workable mixture for the work in hand. Care is needed not to use too much water as this weakens the final concrete.

How to Stain a Concrete Driveway?

Most concrete driveways are not attractive to the eye and can be covered in automotive fluid stains. A concrete stain will hide these stains and will make the home look better. It will also add a touch of color to your home and yard. The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of stain that you want to use. A water-based stain is easy to use but do not have too rich of a color. An acid stain is harder to use but gives better patterns of color and goes deep into the concrete. Any paint and sealant would just sit on top of the concrete and scratch off very easily. Whichever type you choose, make sure that you get enough to cover the driveway completely. You should measure the driveway’s width and length so you know the area that needs to be covered. Also, remember that the stain you choose might needs more than one coat. Before applying any stain, you need to clean off the driveway. Everything should be taken off of the driveway. A concrete degreaser will help get off any fluid stains or dirt. It can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. A pressure washer can be used to rinse off the degreaser and any dirt. Then, you should use a clean broom to sweep away anything sitting on the surface of the concrete. Before applying the stain, you must be in the appropriate attire. You need to keep your skin protected for the stain. You should have long pants and a long sleeved shirt on. Also, boots, gloves, and goggles would be a good idea. This is because stain is toxic and can cause skin issues if they touch. Use a pump sprayer to disperse the stain. You should start spraying in a corner and go a few feet at a time. Instructions from the stain will tell you how long to let it sit before applying another layer. Finally, put a sealant over the stain once it is dry. This will protect it and make it look polished. It should be laid out with a rolling brush.

What features should I look for in shoes to be worn for standing on concrete floors all day at work?

Soft soles such as with nursing shoes. Another feature would be the type of insert within the shoe.

What is better for resale hardwood floors or ceramic tile?

Hardwood floors. They look much nicer.

How do you stain concrete statues?

The stain needs to be applied into the concrete before you form the statue sorry this can't be done after they are formed. You can always thin out some DTM paint and do a "whitewash" style application.Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams carry concrete stain that can be applied with a brush to clean concrete surfaces.It is not as effective as adding colour to the concrete before forming, but it is a good solution if you just "can't stand the look" of the plain concrete.Formulas and application details vary from product to product so you will need to read and follow the instructions carefully.I used the H&C brand years ago and had very good results on a fountain and statute in our yard in Arizona. The product was easy to apply and the results appealing. I was amazed how well it stood up to the blazing hot summers without peeling. I can not however, attest to it's performance in cold weather.

What is the most durable material used in Patio Pavers?

Concrete patio pavers are deemed to be the most durable ones; next to concrete comes Patio Pavers made of brick and stone which definitely add an elegant look to your patio.

Concrete Driveway Installation?

form_title=Concrete Driveway Installation form_header=7653 Please specify what type of concrete driveway or floor project this is.*= () Replacement of existing concrete () New concrete for existing home () New construction of home "Which special concrete applications, or finishes, are you interested in?"*= [] "Smooth trowel finished [] Special color, stain, or other additive [] Brush textured finish (slip-resistant) [] Cover electrical or radiant heat pipes [] Stamped to look like stone, brick or tile [] Cover irrigation pipes, drains, etc. [] Lightweight concrete" Would you like to know more about the project's green alternatives ?*= () Yes () No Please specify which concrete surfaces you want to have installed. (Select all that apply)*= [] Driveway/parking area [] Basement floor [] Garage floor [] Pad for a light structure [] Interior floor

Is it possible that a woman could pee herself and the resulting stain look like semen stain?

If it's purple.

Can you stain monkey pod wood?

what is best stain to use on monkeypod for clear look show the true wood

What is the strongest wood for hardwood floors?

Maple and Cherry are the strongest wood and also good choice for hardwood floors. In Spite of this, these hardwood floors gives a pleasant look to your floor.

Can I stain concrete to change its look?

I don't think you could do that since the paint would eventually wash away. I think using a dark outdoor paint should do the trick quite well, but would eventually wash out in my opinion.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors?

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What are the advantages of wood floors?

Wood floors are great for making a home look great as well as making clean-up easy.

What is the best type of cleaner to use on a hardwood floor?

Cleaning depends on the floors finish. Newer hardwood floors have a sealed finish, these floors just need mopping with water with a splash of white vinegar, to look great. Floors which have not been sealed need to be pampered and protected with liquid or paste wax, to maintain their great look.

Concrete Decks and Patios Provide Interesting Decorative Opportunities?

When you think about designing an outdoor patio area, concrete may be one of the last materials you consider. After all, you're dying to do something out of the ordinary in order to get rid of that dull gray look. Concrete decks and patios provide unique opportunities to explore some of the latest innovations in concrete finishing, whether you choose to use an interesting stamp design, a beautiful color of stain, or an interesting material as an inlay.

Floor Buffer?

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