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How do you get a talent agent?

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You have to go to an acting SCHOOL for some experience, that's where the agents come in and find their clients that they want.

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How do you get a agent?

have talent

Who is naya rivera's talent agent?

JLA Talent

How much money does it cost to hire a talent agent?

I'm a talent agent and I charge $50,000 a year

David tenant agent?

His agent is Independent Talent Group.

What training do you need to become a talent agent?

If you want to become a talent agent then you have some talent in your self also can co operate with other and can work friendly with others.

How can you get a talent agent in LA?


How can you get auditions?

You need an agent. To get an agent, you need talent and a lot of practice

Where can you audition for any movies or shows?

You have to get a talent agent, and your agent will tell you.

What talent agency did Josh Hutcherson go to?

Lynn Heyman is his talent agent

How do you get a talent agent and a record deal?


Who is Dion Dublin agent?

Who is Selena Gomez's talent agent?

Selena Gomez's talent agent, or agency, is Creative Artists Agency and Jamie Freed of Nine Yards Entertainment.

How does a 12 year old go about getting a talent agent in order to become an actress?

probly fine i even have a talent agent and im alright

How much does a talent agent get paid?

The payment of a talent agent can vary. It is important to note that you will not get paid if your clients do not get paid. You can expect to make about 10% of what your client makes.

Demi Lovato's talent agent?

Demi Lovato is represented by the Kim Dawson Talent Agency

What exactly do you need to be a famous actor?

You need talent, as well as training, experience, and a talent agent.

What talent agency does Jim Caviezel belong to?

His agent is Pamela Cole with United Talent Agency.

Who is Penelope cruz's talent agent?

Katrina Bayonas

How do you be an actress at the age of ten?

You need talent and an agent.

How do you hire an actor agent?

As an actor, you have to audition for a talent agent and then they decide whether they want to represent you or not.

Who is Zendaya Coleman's agent?

Mitchell Gossett is her agent...also she is signed to united talent agency

How do you get an agent from united talent agency?

i can tell you now you can't get a agent you have to impress them so you will get one.

How do you get to be in one of Justin Bieber videos?

Your talent agent contacts his video producers when they're auditioning talent.

Who is Mackenzie Foy's agent?

Zuri Model & Talent - Printwork Coast to Coast Talent - Theatrical & Commercial

How can an 11 year old become a star?

well you need an agent and you have to pay them then you go for auditions which the agent finds you or if you have an amazing talent go on a talent show on tv or something