How do you get a thinner face?

By losing weight, you will also lose weight in your face. Answer: I half-disagree with the above answer because the person may not want to lose weight. There's lots of skinny people with big heads, namely Orientals. For them, possibly reducing the consumption of bone-building minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin D, might possibly work. I'm skinny and think my head is too big and restricting those nutrients didn't shrink my head. Yet I've seen some attractive, well-built young women with attractive small heads. I think small heads on adults looks youthful. I don't know how they achieve it.

ANSWER: I disagree with all of those people. Face structure is face structure. You can give the appearance of a smaller face by accentuating eyes with make up, or different hair cuts and styles, but unless yu get plastic surgery, you can't really change it.