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How do you get a title for a car that has been charged off for non payment?


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Pay it off. It will still likely be repossessed.

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I don't have a car payment. If I did I would send payments to who ever holds the title.

Yes it's their car you signed a lease they don't need a title to repossess their car. Title or no title they look up that information and have it mark on that title that the car was repossessed

You contact the lender who has a lien on it and purchase it from them.

Not making the entire payment is still a default on payment. You will be charged the late fee and you will need to make it right with the bank or they will start the process of repo.

Yes, if the promise of collateral can be documented. For example, if the lender has obtained a signed title as a "pledge", then the new title can be recorded when the payment agreement is breached, and the car sold to cover the remaining payments.

You will need to go to your local DMV or county courthouse to apply for a lost title to receive a new car title.


The owner of the car is the person listed on the Certificate of Title.The owner of the car is the person listed on the Certificate of Title.The owner of the car is the person listed on the Certificate of Title.The owner of the car is the person listed on the Certificate of Title.

sign the title over to the person buying the car

This is an almost impossibility, unless the title has been doctored. If "the company" sold person A the car, the title contains that company's name as a lien holder, which means that the car cannot be transferred to another person without the approval of "the company". Look at a car title from a dealership, for example, and see what color it is. Then look at a title for a vehicle that is paid for and is free and clear. The dealership title has the dealership name on it as the lien holder, different color title. The free and clear title has no lien holder and is a different color. If a car has been sold with a lien holder, person A is responsible for payment for the car, regardless of who is driving it.

A car has been impounded , can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking authorities.

1. Receipt of payment 2.Title if vechile paid in full 3.No title if you finance

You would have to pay off the entire amount of the loan plus any penalties that have been incurred.

Your name is probably not on the car title in the first place. When you are paying off a car loan, the title is in the name of the lender. Once the final payment has been made, then the lien is removed, a title is issued in your name and you own it outright.Of course, if you put your cleared title car up as collateral and have failed to make good on a debt, then it can be repossessed. State law will give you time to buy the car back and pay penalties. Once your time is up, then the car is sold and the new owner takes possession with his name now on the title.

if the creditor's name is nowhere on the title,only your name,no one else. no liens. No one can legally take your car.

You will find auto title loan companies in your community. Take the title to your car with you and talk to them about a loan. Your car title will be your security for repaying the debt. Just be ware if you do not, they can repossess your vehicle.

I would not buy or pay for a car form anyone who did not have title to the car. The car may have been stolen.

Who ever signed the pay day loan contract owes the money. You bought the car for the friend so the title should have your name on it until such time as you have been paid for the car and you sign over the title to the person buying it from you.

Yo do not own the car if you no not have a title. Who ever is on the title owns the car. You will have to go to court file a small claim . I hope you have a bill of sale and a reciept for you payment. Otherwise you are screwed. also file a theft by deception case with the county courthouse. if you have proof you purchased said car he will be sitting in lockup until you get your title or refund

A salvage title can be caused by a car having been damaged in a previous wreck also if a car has been previously stolen and the owner was already given a replacement before the car was found then the stolen car may receive a salvage title

No, she would have to sign over the title willingly to you. Otherwise, you've been paying on HER car.

The car has been left to my sister in a will. I have been told it was not worth probating because it is the only item in the estate and there are bills that total more than the car is worth. How can I get the title released?

I am sure it is similar to a Salvage title. The car has been wrecked and repaired.

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