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jump into the volcano no shiot beeeouch

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you need to collect the 8 official Pokemon league badges. They are boulder badge, cascade badge, marsh badge, earth badge, rainbow badge, volcano badge, soul badge, and thunder badge. ten go into victory road.

You get the Volcano Badge from defeating Blaine, the gym leader of Cinnibar Island. He uses Fire-type Pokemon.

Head to Cinnibar Island for your next badge.

Go to Cinnabar Island. If you don't know how to get there go south at Fuchsia to Seafoam Islands (you will also find an Articuno there) and if you are there then go to the Pokemon mansion and solve the puzzle

The boulder badge, the cascade badge, the thunder badge, the rainbow badge, the soul badge, the marsh badge, the volcano badge and the earth badge.

In cerulean cities gym you must beat the leader misty to get the cascade badge.

The 7th badge is obtained after beating Blaine at the Cinnibar Island gym.

You don't need a badge to get strength but you need a badge to use strength and that badge is the rainbowbadge and that is the 4th one in celadon city.

Open the door and challenge the gym leader.

Beat Giovanni at viridian city's gym.

in Viridian city. the one that was locked.

Get the 7th or 8th gym badge, and its in the Power Plant.

the 6th battle is against Koga in Fuchia city

the one you get from the gym in fuschia city.

Its in Viridian City, the Earth Badge, vs. Giovanni

You can get it from the Viridian City GYM. Good Luck!

There is NO volcano badge there's Strition city-trio badge Nacerna city-basic badge Castelia city-insect badge Nimbas city-bolt badge Driftviel city-quake badge Mistralion city-jet badge Icirrus city-freeze badge Opelucid city-legend badge

The 8 badges for Pokemon Red are: Boulder Badge, (Brock) Cascade Badge, (Misty) Thunder Badge, (Lt. Surge) Rainbow Badge, (Erika) Marsh Badge, (Sabrina) Soul Badge, (Koga) Volcano Badge, (Blaine) and Earth Badge. (Giovanni)

The fifth Gym Leader in Pokemon LeafGreen is Koga, the leader of Fuschia City's Gym. He specializes in Poison-type Pokemon and hands out the Soul Badge.

Go to viridian city where the closed gym was after you win the 7th badge Giovanni will apear in the gym