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How do you get a wiring diagram for a '91 Acura Legend to install a remote starter?

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For any other make/model/year go to and click Vehicle Wiring Diagrams.

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Can you install a starter remote in a 2012 Chevy Equinox?


Where do you get a remote car starter installed?

Lots of places install them. Shops that install radios in vehicles will usually sell and install remote starters. Call around.

How do you install a remote start on a Chevy Silverado 2004?

Directions come with the remote starter kit.

Trying to install a push botton ingniton in a 85 olds cuttlass sup broughm and a remote starter where can i find a diagram on how to do it or can someone please tell me how thanks bill?

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Can you install a remote starter on a leased car?

Check with the lease company.

How do you Remote start 2000 silverado?

Have someone use your key and start it or install an aftermarket remote starter.

Where can you find an ignition wiring diagram to install a remote starter on a 93 Chevy Blazer?

Hello try the web site for bulldog security, they have the wiring diagrams for most of the vehicles, they sell remote starters and alarms, good luck.

Do you need a bypass module to install a remote starter on a 2007 jeep grand cheeroke Laredo?

The remote starter needs to be able to fake a chipped key.

How do you program your car's autostart remote?

This depends on the brand and model number of the remote starter. If it is actually an Autostart brand remote starter, you can download the install manual at their website and it will tell you how to reprogram the transmitters.

Looking for a remote start wiring diagram for my 93 bronco?

Where did you get the remote starter from? If it's one of the Directed Electronics brands, you can get a chart showing what wire is what from their website. You just need a code that comes with the remote starter.

What are the Wiring schematics for 1998 Honda civic to install a remote starter?

The labeling of the wires is a key factor for a good installation. The remote starter has the wiring schematics when opened.

Install a Remote Start?

form_title=Install a Remote Start form_header=On a hot summer day or a cold winter's night, the ability to start your car from a comfortable distance is not to be underestimated. Describe the features you would like in a remote starter:=_ Describe the typical climate the vehicle will be in:=_ What range would you like for the remote starter?=_

Is there a remote key for the 2004 eclipse gts?

For some of them, GTS is supposed to come with a remote door control. If you are talking about remote starter, then you have to install it by yourself.

How do you install a remote starter on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Your kit should include instructions.

Who can install a remote starter in my 2011 Chevy Impala?

you should take it back to the dealer

You want to install remote start on a 1995 cavalier anyone have a wiring diagram for that?

Do you need a transponder for your ford windster to put in a remote starter?

No you don't, when you install a remote start, it will come with a transponder for it, if you go to get it installed at a place like bestbuy it will come with a remote start transponder after they install it for you. Imad

Why won't businesses install a remote car starter on my VW Passat 1998?

Std. Transmission?

Who can install a remote car starter in my VW Passat 2002?

dr steero saco Maine

Can you install a remote car starter in a 1998 Camry?

Yes, you can. I just had one installed at mockey shorr.

Does the 2001 Isuzu trooper need a bypass key to install a remote starter?

bypass key on a trooper

Who will install a remote car starter in Saskatoon SK and how much will it cost?

Audio Warehouse.. Everyone else sucks

Is it easy and inexpensive to install a car remote start in my pickup truck?

That depends. You really need to ask your local car shop to ask them if they perform this Remote Starter install service. You will need to give them the make and model of your truck.

How do you install a remote car starter in a 1991 Ford Explorer when there is no distributor cap or coil?

that's has nothing to do with a remote start and if your asking that question you should seek professional installation.

How do you install remote starters?

The remote starter duplicates the function of the key. You will need to get under the dash and solder the wires from the remote starter to the proper wire harness wires. In newer vehicles you will also need to properly bypass the car security features that are usually part of the key. You will probably need to install a pin switch to prevent the remote start from starting the car with the hood open. Lastly you will wire to power/ground and the brakes.