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Your father would have to give up all parental rights and your uncle would have to petition the court to adopt you. Unless you father gives up his rights, there really isn't a way to force him.

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His adopted father and great-uncle, Gaius Julius Caesar.

Well,John Hancock does not have a father but,a wealthy uncle adopted him.The unlcle`s job was a clerk

He was a famous emporer and Juilius Caesar was his great does this help and Julius Caesar was not his uncle he was his adoption dadJulius Caesar was both his great uncle AND his adopted father.

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No. It is impossible for your father to be your uncle.

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Uncle is to aunt as father is to mother.

john was adopted by his uncle Thomas Hancock in 1744 when john father died. he became his uncles apprentice

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Well my step father adopted me. Because mother and step father kept track of when my real father seen me, my real fathers background, what he provided, receipts from what they provided, and in 2 years....if no contact has been made after attempting it may be able to be rulled child abandoment. That's how i got adopted.

Your father or another uncle.

Your uncle is the brother of your mother or your father - or the husband of the sister of your mother or your father.

The brother of your aunt's husband is not your uncle. Also the brother of your uncle who is not your uncle is your father.

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No, I was a fosterchild with my aunt and uncle that I barely knew when we met.

If your uncle is your uncle because he is the brother of your mother or your father, you are not related to his wife's brother. However, if your uncle is your uncle because he married the sister of your mother or your father, then your uncle's wife's brother is your father, or other one of your uncle's.

Grandmother. "Brother", "uncle" and "father" are all male. "Grandmother" is female.

My uncle is older than my father. We went to see her uncle.