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You can buy the game Preloaded with all 493 Pokemon at:


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Battle every trainer in sinnoh or just type into Google ,where can i see number ___ in Pokemon diamond?

Find an action replay code and program it, that's how you get many masterballs on Pokemon diamond action REPLAY. ;)

All the legendarys that you can get without it are GIRATINA, UXIE, MESPRIT, AZELF, CRESSELIA, HEATRAN, REGIGIGAS, DIALGA and SPIRITOMB

ill let you finish but action reply is the best fail of all time

You can use a Action Reply codes to catch other trainers pokemon.

i dont know but the action reply i get you can choose the level of jirachi and i can get anywhere i have three

it has preinstalled cheats, just put the Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl) cartrage in the action replay and put the action reply in the DS and turn the power on and then turn on the cheats and start the game

No I'm sorry but you can bye an action reply at target for $20.00.

trade from another Pokemon emerald is the only chance to obain another starter without action reply

You catch and evolve all of the Pokemon you catch :P

You can't get the glacidea flower in Pokemon diamond or pearl. It is only in platinum which has not been released yet.

you have to buy it at a store you can get it at wal-mart or if you want to get it online you can find it at for $20.00

you need a action reply get one it work u could get the the new legendly pokeamon

You have to use azure the flute in spear pillar.

You can hack by buying a action reply and using the codes since they are consider far as i know you cant

I have no clue what the last guy meant or said but, I think catching other trainer's Pokemon or getting the legendarys where you need the mystery gift (which you don't with action replay!)

mabye a action reply code will work but i dont think so i tried to find it

You half to youse action reply The Code Is 9223B5FA 00002101 1223B5FA 00002100 D200000 00000000

You can't get action replay in Pokemon White or black. You have to buy action replay from a game shop.

no because the action replay ultimate cheat is only for NDS so i carnt Evan use the Pokemon i catch on the NDS with the action replay i carnt trade them to the Wii then after i catch them on the NDS ?

The easiest way to get a spirit cloth is by using a cheat system such as an action reply. i have no idea what the cloth does, but it sounds cool....

i dont think there is one but i can keep looking + if anyone want any pokemon at all reply to this message.

no, there is only dailga and arceus which to get you need azure flute if you want this code for the action reply e-mail me with the subject as Pokemon at

Action reply or use pokesav

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