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Q: How do you get all the battle frontier symbols?
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How do you beat battle frontier completely?

Get all of gold symbols from Battle frontier.

How do you get all frontier symbols?

to get a symbol go to a place like the battle tower (or any other place) and keep winning and winning and winning until you get to battle a frontier brain and do this with all of the battle frontier buildings

How do you collect symbols in battle frontier?

use the battle token

HOW TO GET symbols in emerald?

Win them at the battle frontier

How do you get the Lansat Berry in Emerald?

You get it in the battle frontier. Get all silver symbols and visit Scott.

How do you get symbols on emrald?

You defeat the Frontier Brains in each of the facilities in the Battle Frontier.

What happens if you get all 7 symbols in the battle frontier in Pokemon Emerald?

talk to Scott and get a prize

What kind of prize will Scott give you after get all 7 symbols in the battle frontier in emerald?

Gold Shield (Decoration) Win 100 Battles Lansat Berry Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols Silver Shield (Decoration) Win 50 Battles Starf Berry Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols

What will happen when you collect all the symbols for the battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

Your Trainer Card will change color.

Can you make the battle frontier symbols gold in emerald?


What to do in battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get these symbols it's fun but hard

What happens if you get all 7 gold symbols in battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

Talk to Scott to receive a special berry.

What is Batell frontier on Pokemon emerald?

battle fronteir is a place where you get to go after you beat the champion and you can battle there and win battle points to trade out or you can win symbols and battle points. you cant trade your symbols

What is the benefits of completing the battle frontier symbols?

One you can gloat to others you did it, Two the battle points you receive can give you cool and rare items, Three do you remember Scott the guy who brought you to the battle frontier well he lives somewhere in the frontier if you show him your symbols he will give you two super mega rare berries.

How do you get all 7 gold symbols in pokemon emerald?

The 7 gold symbols are obtained in the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald. The player must beat each trainer twice to obtain the gold symbols.

How do you get Five Stars in Pokemon Emerald.

How to Get Five Stars in Pokemon1. Become the Pokemon league champion 2.Complete your hoenn pokedex 3.Collect all silver symbols in battle frontier 4.Get all gold symbols in battle frontier 5.Win a ribbon in all 5 of the master rank Pokemon contests.

How do you get the battle frontier symbols in emerald?

At each of the places in Battle Frontier. Defeat the leaders of the places to get a battle symbol. Such as Battle Factory, Battle Dome and the others. Just beat the leaders of each facility and they'll give you a battle symbol.

What happens after you completed the seven frontier symbols in Pokemon emerald?

If you speak to Scott (the manager of the Battle Frontier) he will reward you with exclusive Berries.

In Pokemon Emerald can you get battle frontier badges?

Not badges: symbols. Each frontier facility is home of a frontier brain if you beat them you earn the facility symbol you can rematch them for a gold version collect them all for a secret prize given by Scott.

How do you get the Starf Berry in Emerald?

You can get the starf berry by talking to Scott after you earn all gold symbols (which is very VERY hard) from The Battle frontier.

What do you get if you beat Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald?

if you fully beat it (all 7 gold symbols) and talk to scott he will give you a starf berry

Which is better pokemon sapphire or emerald?

Better is pokemon can catch more pokemon-you can catch kyogre and groudon-you can battle with the frontier brains and collect the seven symbols in battle frontier

How do you get the old sea chart in Emerald Version?

There's a rumor that you can get it when you get all the gold symbols at the battle frontier then talk to Scott, but I'm not sure. Why not try it?

How Do You Get Symbol In Pokemon Emerald?

You get a Symbol by beating one of the Frontier Brains, the bosses of the different facilities at the Battle Frontier. Once you win enough battles in a certain facility, the Frontier Brain there will challenge you. If you win the battle, you will get a Silver Symbol. Beat that Frontier Brain again and you get a Gold Symbol. You can get two Symbols (silver & gold) for each of the facilities in the Battle Frontier.

What happens once you beat the battle frontier in platinum?

nothing happens. you just beat the battle frontier that's all.