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transfer them from Pokemon coliseum or xd

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Q: How do you get all the legerdary Pokemon dogs in firered?
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Where are all the Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

every where

In Pokemon FireRed lengendery Pokemon you can get?

u can get all of them...

Do you get anything if you have all the Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?


What is there to do after you beat Pokemon FireRed?

Catch all the Pokemon!

How do you get all starter Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Trade with your friends.

Best Pokemon team for Pokemon FireRed?

All legendaries.

How can you get all Pokemon in FireRed?

You have to trade and catch as much Pokemon as you can

How do you get all TM's in Pokemon FireRed?

all over

Where are all the badges in Pokemon FireRed?


Where do you get all the Pokemon on Pkemon Pokemon FireRed?

By trading and catching them i think

Who is the best pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Delibird all the way man

How can you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon firered?

you have to trade them from other Pokemon games

Where can you get a Kanto Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon firered/leafgreen/blue/yellow/green/red they are all of the games based on the kanto region

Do Pokemon FireRed and red have the same Pokemon?

Not at all because firered has a few extras in the game it has Pokemon that red couldn't get like delibird, sentret and natu.

Where are all the locations of Ditto in Pokemon firered?

just in the Pokemon mantion that's all i know of

What does the TM tombstony do in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

all the answers about Pokemon are on

What are all of the gift Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Ho-oh, Lugia, Deoxys.

What are all the Pokemon in FireRed?

Pokemon's 1-384

Where do you get all the unown in Pokemon FireRed?

in the tanoby ruins

How do you get to Indigo Plateau in Pokemon FireRed?

get all badges!

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get a timer ball?

You can't at all

How can you get all the lengendary Pokemon in FireRed?

Cheat codes. :)

Can you have all three starter in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes but the only way to get them is from another firered or leafgreen.

Where are all the places to trade Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

go upstairs to any Pokemon center

Is their a Pokemon center in firered?

yes like in all other Pokemon games there is a Pokemon center