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You can only pick 1 Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald however in order to get all of the Starter Pokemon you will need to trade with another game.

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You cannot get all 3 Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald without trading for the other 2.

You cannot get all 3 Starter Pokemon (Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko) in Pokemon Emerald without trading for 2 of them.

when you get all 202 Pokemon in emerald the proffessor will give 1 out of the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold and silver.

Get one starter, make an egg of it, then trade it to your friends

Suicune is not a possible starter Pokemon in emerald you must get a suicune from Pokemon firered or leafgreen.

The starter Pokemon are Treecko,Torchic and Mudkip.

No, you need to trade or transfer them from Emerald.

The starter Pokemon for Emerald are Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko. Their second stages are Combusken, Marshtomp, and Grovyle. Their final evolutions are Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile.

Yes, but only if you chose Mudkip as your starter and then your rival will use Treeko as their starter Pokemon.

you get to get a starter Pokemon of either chicorita,cyndaquil and totodile

Mudkip is a starter Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. This means that it is the first Pokemon you get. You get starter Pokemon near the beginning of the game from Professor Birch. Other starter Pokemon are Torchick and Treecko.

You cannot possibly get all three. Only one without a hack.

You only need to get all hoenn Pokemon to get johto starter It's a pain! :(

if you have Pokemon sapphire or ruby then you can trade the other two over to emerald

You can't get another starter Pokemon, once you have gotten one. The rarity of having a starter Pokemon, is that there is only one. You could trade with others to get the other starter Pokemon. But, with the Wireless Adapter thing.

you have to get it as a starter to get it

You will need: another GBA / Nintendo DS, another Emerald / Ruby / Sapphire and a connector (to connect the GBAs) Get the other GBA / Nintendo DS with another Pokemon Emerald game, then trade the starter Pokemon from there. P.S. You can trade another round because it will increase the experience.

You can get it by transferring the Johoto starters via your Game Boy Advance to Pokemon Emerald

You can only get Treeko as a starter in Pokemon Emerald.