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Trade from other Pokemon gold/silver games to get the other starters. No other ways i know of.

Also, look out for the new Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the Nintendo DS coming soon!


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you must trade with a freind that has a starter pokemon that you dont have.

Trading is the best way to get all of the starter Pokemon's on SoulSilver.

No, you do not need to see every Pokemon to receive a Kanto starter from him. Instead, you have to get all 16 badges and defeat Red at Mt. Silver.

yes but its really irritating it takes forever!!!!

when you get all 202 Pokemon in emerald the proffessor will give 1 out of the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold and silver.

Another person would need to trade with you to get all 3 Starter Pokemon.

get hart gold then transfer it to soul silver

Starter pokemon, or from a trade.

No, starter Pokemon are exclusives to every game. They can generally not be caught in the wild. You can't trade between Silver and Fire Red because they are not compatible.

To get a starter from him you have to beat red at mt silver.

Pokemon crystal,Pokemon gold, & Pokemon silver..VERONICA

Those Pokemon are starter Pokemon in silver and gold, but those are color games.

It depends on what type of Pokemon you like best.

Gold silver and crystal but you can also get on emerald if you complete the hoenn dex. Also you can choose it as a starter in Soul Silver and Heart Gold

no theres not but theres Pokemon heart and glod plus Pokemon soul silver your starter Pokemon follow you in that game

You can't but you can get the starter pokemon.

you cant its a starter Pokemon

You can only pick 1 Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald however in order to get all of the Starter Pokemon you will need to trade with another game.

The Sinnoh Starter Pokemon are not available through normal game play. You must trade the Pokemon from another game.

Spin trades are when you and another person trade eggs. Spin trades can be used to get all starter Pokemon.

Yes. You can breed all the starter Pokemon if you want to.

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