Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get all the starting pokemon on pokemon ruby?

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What are the starting Pokemon for Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

The starting pokemon for pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald are all Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko. Irepeat, Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko.

How do you get all three starting Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST HELP PROFFESOR BIRCH

What are all the shiny Pokemon I could get in ruby?

All The Shiney Pokemon You Can Get In Pokemon Ruby Are All The Pokemon You Can Get in Ruby Any Pokemon Can Be Shiney Even Starters and Legendaries. So There Are 200 Shiney Pokemon You Can Get In Pokemon Ruby.

Where to get ditto on Pokemon ruby?

you cant get it on pokemon ruby at all sorry

What are the Pokemon you can't get on Pokemon Ruby?

All the Pokemon past Turtwig are unavailable in Ruby.

What are the starting Pokemon in ruby?

torchic, mudkip and treeko

All regions in Pokemon ruby?

what password to caught rugia in Pokemon ruby

What all Pokemon are in Pokemon Ruby?


Do you bring all of your Pokemon when you go to johto in Pokemon ruby?

you dont go to jhoto in ruby

What Pokemon have to be traded in ruby?

All hoenn pokemon.

How do you get all the legendary Pokemon on Ruby version with cheats?

if you want to cheat to get all legendary Pokemon on ruby you have to play on the computer

Where is wally found in Pokemon Ruby?

if your just starting he is in petalburg city

Get all Pokemon in ruby?


How many badges are there in Pokemon Ruby?

there are 8 badges in Pokemon ruby like all the others. :) tehehe

How do you get all Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

You've gotta catch 'em all!

Where are all the places you can trade Pokemon in ruby?

All in pokemon centers upstairs

How do you get all 100 Pokemon for Pokemon ruby?

catch em all or dont

Pokemon ruby what you get after seeing all the Pokemon?

You get the diploma from catching all Pokemon from Nationaldex and Hoenndex.

How do you get the national pokedex in Pokemon Ruby?

catch all Pokemon

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

you get a diompla

What are the Pokemon you can find in ruby?

You can find all kinds of pokemon.

What is the gameshark cheat to make all Pokemon shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

go to game shark codes for Pokemon ruby and then it will tell you all the game shark codes Peace

At what level does magnemite evolve at on Pokemon ruby?

In RUBY a well as all other games it evolves starting a lv. 30 into magneton. If you need any more info on any Pokemon at all just go to this website: hope it helps.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

Pokemon where do you find the safphhare ruby?

First of all, please improve your spelling. Second, you don't FIND the Sapphire, or Ruby. There's Pokemon Sapphire AND Ruby.

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