Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you get all ticket in firered version gameboy adv?

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I have 2 Game Boy adv with the link cable and the gold and silver version.. I get to the cable link trade save my game but then nuothin happenz.. How do trade Pokemon between gold and silver?

Pokemon Gold and Silver are gameboy colour games. If you want to trade Pokemon between them you must have two gameboy colours and a gameboy colour link cable.

How do you get the johto starters without trading?

The only 2 ways to get johto starters is to see all Pokemon in emerald, and beat mt.battle in Pokemon XD and then send them to ur gameboy adv.

do u do billboard adv. in this area if not who does?

bill board adv. who “do u do billboard adv. in this area if not who does”

What other words can you use other than fast?

apace adv. [poet] brisk adj. briskly adv. expeditious adj. expeditiously adv. mobile adj. nippy adj. (Brit.) [sl.] prompt adj. quick adj. quickly adv. rapid adj. rapidly adv. slippy adj. spanking adj. speedily adv. speedy adj. swift adj. swiftly adv.

What does the abbreviation Adv Life Course Res stands for?

ADV stands for Adverb.

When was Panavia Tornado ADV created?

Panavia Tornado ADV was created in 1985.

Is bab-adv-2345 a code in bellasara?

NO but keep looking okay?

Is Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to be compatible with future games to trade and battle with?

There is barely any information on Generation 5 yet.. But going on history,The original silver and gold(Generation 2) was compatible with Red and Blue(Generation 1) but was incompatible with Ruby and Sapphire(Generation 3) because of the different consoles (Gameboy and Gameboy adv). But Generation 3 was compatible with Generation 4 and they were on different consoles (Gameboy adv and DS). So it could go either way.But I would guess that Generation 5 is going to be the same as Generation 4 just with more pokemon, Like silver and gold were to Red and Blue, since were not going to see a ds for a few years.In short: Probably.                                         -jsn.wndsr

What is the synonym for synchronistic?

coeval adj. coevally adv. coexistent adj. coincidental adj. coinstantaneous adj. concomitant adj. concurrent adj. concurrently adv. contemporaneous adj. contemporaneously adv. at once gleichzeitig at the same time simultaneous adj. simultaneously adv.

What is an ADV day?

The ADV day refers to the days off granted due to a reduction in working hours.

Abbreviation of advancement?


How do you abbreviate advancement?

It is Adv.

What is abbreviation for advance?


Identify parts of speech in he answered very quickly?

he (pron) answered (v) very (adv) quickly (adv)

What is the abbreviation of advertising?

** Adv. ** **XOXO**

What is the abbreviation for the word advantage?


What is the abbreviation for the word advocate?


What is a abbreviation for the word adverb?


What is the adv form of enable?


What is an example sentence of s-iv-adv?

A sentence with a subject, intransitive verb, and an adverb is:Lorelei complained bitterly.

What is the purpose of suba points on crossfire?

So you can buy special weapons (Axe, M4A1-Adv, Mp5-Adv, etc) and buy GP.

What is the abbreviation for adverbs?

the abbreviation for adverb is adv.

What part of speech is foremost?

An adj or an adv.

What part of speech is the word ill?


What is the abbreviation for adverb?

The abbreviation adv. (formally using the period) stands for adverb.