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Q: How do you get allosaurus in Jurasic Park Operation Genesis JPOG PS2?
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How do you change names in jpog?

You Go to : My Computer/Local Disc C:/Program Files/Universal Interactive/Jurassic Park Operation Genesis/JPOG/Data/GUI/Locales . Then Go to Eng.txt , And Scroll Down till you see lines like this : Unit_alll ''Allosaurus'' See The ''Allosaurus'' Change that to whatever you wan't.

How do you turn off grass in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis 'jpog'?


How do you unlock all the sites on Jurassic Park operation genesis?

Download the JPOG FCM Mod 2.0 or 1.5

What is the crown symble mean in jpog?

JPOG stands for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. When you see the crown icon over the stress meter on the dinosaur stats panel, it means this dinosaur is the king of the herd.

How do you unlock super site A on Jurassic Park operation genesis?

Dude there is no super site A on JPOG( Jurassic Park Operation Genesis) there is only two sites it is Site B and OPGEN or the island where can you build visitor center

How do dinosaurs breed in Jurassic Park operation genesis?

Look in mininova and type Jurassic park, then when you get there on the top of the list you will find the categories, click on games and you can find JPOG there.

How do you change dinosaur skins on Jpog?

you have to download the skin that you want as a zip file, then open it with convert cct, you have to download the program. and once you have it opened there extract the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\Data\matlibs

What are the 5 star dinosaurs in Jurassic Park operation genesis?

HiThe 5 star dinos are:SpinosaurusT-rexTriceratopsVelociraptorBrachiosaurusI hope you like this answer to your Question.I also need to ask Questions about JPOG on PC

How do you get Jurassic Park Operation Genesis mod downloads into the game?

Go to computer go to universal interactive go to bluetongue jurassic park operation genesis JPOG DEMO data and then follow the instructions in your download files.

Where to get jpog skins?

modding genesis is a good place there are also behavior mods such as the gep

How do you Change dino skins in JPOG?

on the computer versioin you download the skin you want as a zip file. then you open it with winrar or winzip. once you have it opened, extract the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\Data\matlibs if extracting them wont work copy and paste them in the file you are suppose to extract them to

How can you get male and female Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis?

Simply put, you can't. There is no cheat that allows you to make male dinosaurs. All the dinosaurs on JPOG game are female. But it says on the box that you can breed and care for the dinosaurs so you can get male & female dinos.

In Jurassic Park operation genesis how can you get more than 60 dinoaurs?

Hi , Well you go to My Computer /Local Disk :C/Program Files/ Universal Interactive/ Jurassic Park Operation Genesis/JPOG/Data , then go to Constant.ini . Open it up with notepad. Then if you want to get to Maxdinopoulation = 60 line very quickly , Press Crt and f at the same time. And search for Maxdinopoulation = 60. Change the 60 to anything you like !!!!

How do you increase the dinosaur cap in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Mainly because I want to make more for my park.?

you have to go to the jpog directory folder in programs open it up and find Constant something check through until you find dinosaurpoulation 60; change it to what ever number you want

Where do you get Jurassic Park Operation Genesis?

You can get PlayStation 2 and Original Xbox version at GameStop for $27.99 ea. You can't get the PC version at GameStop, but you can check online auction sites for the PC version (and the PS2 and Xbox ver. if you can't find them at GS). If you go the search Jurassic Park and click on the JPOG thing.

Where can you download the female giganotosaurus to jpog?

Go to google and type giganotosaurus jpog download and find a website that has it.Good-bye

How do you get raflective water on Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for PC?

There is a program in your JPOG Folder which has the settings in it. Just click on this and there are things about resolution grass detail, texture detail, etc... Below that there is a check box which says "Reflective Water" Check it and Click Play Game. Then you should have reflective water from then on. If ou don't want it anymore just uncheck the box.

How do you get the Crusher skin in JPOG PC?

first you have to have winrar and then you download the skin and extract the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\Data\matlibs some Jurassic park sites where you can find skins are If you're looking for the Crusher skin, specifically, go to RPGTopia. That is where the skin creators are based, and where you're most likely to find support for it.

How do you open all digsites on jpog?

INGEN gives them to you. Or you could hacc them.

How do you make own dinosaur skin for JPOG?

re-skin it!

Does jpog for Xbox work on Xbox 360?

yes if you have a harddrive

How do you get gates on jpog?

You cant unless you download a mod for the PC version.

Can you play as a dinosaur in jpog?

From what I've heard, you can't but you can in the game primal Carnage

How do you install jpog?

you buy a CD ROM and they cost alot but ha i have it in ur face

How do people get on site B on jpog?

By completing all of the missions. Maybe exercises too, I'm not sure.