How do you get an 11 year old to love you?

You can not "get" anyone to love you. If you are a good person and you let your personality shine through, many people will be attracted to you. As you develop a relationship and get to know someone better, sometimes love develops. If you feel like you love an 11-year-old and you are also in that age range of 10-12 years old, you just need to be yourself, have fun, and be friendly. Maybe love will develop between the two of you. Maybe you will continue to like that person, but he or she won't like you back in that same way. Maybe he or she will grow to love you, but you won't continue to like him or her. At this stage, you just have to wait and see. The important thing is to be yourself and to know that there are a lot of really great people who are going to love you, whether this person does or not. Good luck.

Another thing to try might be to invite the person out to a movie with a group of friends and see if the person is interested in getting to know you better.