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How do you get an A in school?

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How to Get An A In School

Studying very very hard and staying out of trouble. Usually it's

hard to concentrate to do homework or study for a test, here's some

tips to make homework and studying more fun:

1. Do your homework while listening to music: Parents say that

you don't learn this way but I got B+'s and A's with this


2. Make a study group with friends: If you and your friends are

interested in getting A's, work together and after have fun, but

never do nothing and study!

3. Make studying a song: It sounds stupid, but it makes you

remember the answers at the time of a test, quiz or exam.

Never let your hopes down when you get a bad grade. Just keep on

going and at the end you will not just get an A, you'll get an A+

and feel proud of yourself

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