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Try talking to him,that's the only way to know if he still has feelings for you. You must start slow and show him that you really are less stressed. Forcing someone to fall in love usually backfires because love should come naturally. You can start by going to somewhere you both have a good memory of and see how it goes. Let him know that the ball is in his park and you would love to earn his trust and love back.

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Why do you love your exboyfriend?

Because there is a reason you loved him in the first place

Does it mean anything when a loved one that died comes in your dreams?

It means you miss them and you want to see them again.

What is re- loved?

re loved means loved again

What is post mortem stress?

Post mortem stress is when a person stressed and overwhelmed by the death of someone, usually that of a loved one.

Did Steve Irwin like anything but animals?

YES!! He loved his family. Just because he loved animals, doesn't mean he doesn't like anything else.

How do one get a guy to love you again and again?

If he already loved you then all you have to do is what u did before (ex: Dating) If he never loved you before...chances r very slim

Who dally loved more than anything?


Can you bury your loved ones in a backyard?

Yes, you can because If you loved and truly cared about that person you would do anything and give anything to be next to that person if they dead or alive...... think about it

If a loved one passed can the star represent them as watching over you from in the sky?

Since symbols are a human invention, anything can represent anything. If you think of a star as a symbol for your loved one, then so it is.

You may never see your loved one again?

Try to spend as much time with you loved one. Do something or give something that makes the loved one never forget you.

Could you be loved by Bob Marley what does it mean?

Could you be loved and be loved, Just a thought but maybe it means could yoo love again after being burned in a previous relationship

Does Cosmo like Tails?

He likes cream and always will correction tails loved cosmo and cosmo loved tails... but than cosmo died and than tails loved cream again

What does it mean to dream of loved ones alive?

If the loved ones are recently deceased in real life, the dream represents a normal part of the grieving process and longing to be with the loved ones again.

Did Taylor swift do anything important when she was young?

she always loved singing and being on the stage so yes she found out she loved singing

Did Michael Jackson collect anything?

yes,paintings. He loved to draw.

Why have you never been loved?

because she didn't show anything good.

When Reagen was president did he do anything to help us?

yes he did he loved this contry

If he really loved you woudnt he be pursuing and making an effort to be with you again?

listen 2 him

I am very possessive about your girl friend because you loved her a lot but she dint like that possessiveness and she is ignoring me?

Pherhaps you should let go a little, and she will not doing anything 'Strange' If she truley loves you. Don't be over possessive because that makes girls sometimes quite stressed and annoyed. Hense the ignoring!

Did Robin Hood have anything he loved?

yes of course. you forgot Maid Marion.

Did Einstein have anything to do with pi?

Yes he did he always loved PI hahah lols

What does the raven do when the narrator asks if he will see the woman he loved again?

D.Says the word "nevermore"

You have loved before and you'll love again?

You'll definitely love again, but if you don't move on you wont be able to find someone who will show you that.

What are the release dates for Anything But Love - 1989 It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed 2-9?

Anything But Love - 1989 It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed 2-9 was released on: USA: 22 November 1989

What is the most loved vampire?

It better not be anything involving Twilight, since that is strictly false. Many other books and movies are as well. The most loved vampire by me is Holly.

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