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ask her the quicker you find out the better

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โˆ™ 2006-03-05 22:22:57
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Q: How do you get an ex-girlfriend back after 7 months if you have been good friends since?
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How do you get your exgirlfriend back when you are still friends?

Simple! You can always get your ex-girlfriend back if she/you are meant for each other. Otherwise stop wasting your precious time :-)

How do you get back with your exgirlfriend?

Just ask her.

Is it true that there is going to be a film released based on the TV series 'Friends'?

It was in the Calgary Herald a few months back, but I haven't heard/seen/read news of it since.

How do I tell boyfriend's exgirlfriend she needs to stop trying to get him back?

you tell her "stop trying to get your ex back, its never going to happen."

Im afraid if i tell my exgirlfriend that i love her but were not friends that she wont want me back bc shes with a boy but wat should I do?

If you really like her then give it a go or else you will always wonder what she would have said if you don't.

What to do if this guy tell you he likes you and now he back with his exgirlfriend what should you do you need help?

he sounds like a jerk to me........cause no boy should ever tell a girl they like her and then get back with his exgirlfriend. Don't worry about it. He just wanted a girl by his side so he could get his exgirlfriend jealous. One way or another, he still have feelings for his exgirlfriend. I don't mean for you to get upset or anything, but its just the truth and your better off without him................just walk past him in the hall with your pride and he'll know that he messed with the wrong girl ;)

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get back with his exgirlfriend?

when he takes u somewhere unexpected and he acts weird just because

Your exgirlfriend wants you back?

* This is strictly up to you and if you love her and you can work on any problems you had in your relationship then go back, but if you don't think you love her then tell her the truth and move on.

If you Stay friends with your ex can you still get back?

It is still possible. Since you two are still friends then yes, it's a possibility.

When is Michelle McCool coming back WWE?

She is spending time with undertaker since they are married and then she is coming back, but that could take a couple months to a year.

My exgirlfriend has a boyfriend but i still love her and i want her back what can i say to her to make her want me too?

There is nothing you can say that will guarantee your ex girlfriend will take you back. She has a new boyfriend and may be totally over you.

How would you get your exgirlfriend back even though she has a boyfriend?

I think the best way is to maybe try to talk to her; get closer to her. Once you're friends, may I suggest you try to wait for her to see what she does? If you really want her back, I don't think it will work, but, make her jealous. I really do not think it would work, however. I hope the relationship goes well!

How do you get Christian exgirlfriend back?

1) you should be a Christian too, as to avoid a Christian being yoked with a non-Christian. 2) Honesty, apology, sincerity, honesty.

What is something cute to say to an exgirlfriend to win her back?

i still like you and i want to make you happy just like you do to me everyday hope it works and please recommend me!

Why do boys get so moody when they see there exgirlfriend with a new boyfriend?

maybe its because they still have feeling for there exgirlfriend and the girl may not love them back. some boys do get upset about that!! Or they just dont like the fact she has found someone better than him. maybe not they may not like the fact that shes moved on and he just cant

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How do you win the heart of an ex boyfriend back when he's overseas but will be home in two months?

well, just become friends with him then you will just have to be patient.

How long should you wait before you try contact my exgirlfriend and try to get her back after she broke up with you?

it all really depends on how long you have been together and why she broke up with you.

How do you tell a boy you like him 2 years later after you went with him?

Well i have been in that same situation, and i hinted at my exgirlfriend that i still liked her, then i called her and asked her back out. It worked.

Can American lend moneny to their friends?

yes, but since it is not a bank loan, they are technical not obligated to pay it back.

If my exgirlfriend is with a boy and i still love her and want her back does that mean i dont have the chance to have her back bc she is with someone?

If your ex is with another boy, and you still love her, you may have a chance to win her back. She may have moved on or she may be willing to give your relationship another chance.

Why would your exgirlfriend send you a picture of her?

She is most likely trying to get u to want her back. It is also not unusual for them to send u nude pics u can expose her for money too

What do you do if your exgirlfriend cuts herself because she wants to go back out but you already have a new girlfriend?

This girl needs help. Tell someone and try to get her some. It may save her life.