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How do you get an illegal alien deported?


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November 18, 2010 12:04AM

I need an answer to this as well!

My situation is that my fiance has been dealing with a girl for awhile that's been here illegally since she was 14 or 15; she, her mom & some others crossed the border illegally. She's now 32 but lies & says she's 27. In November of last year (2009), she was supposed to go to court for some legal issues or tickets. From what I know, whatever her problems were would have automatically gotten her deported when the court was to find she'd been here illegally all these years & never bothered to file for citizenship. So she got my fiance to feel bad enough for her that they went to Vegas & got a quicky marriage. It's been a little over a year now & he's told me several times that he still wants us to get married & that he made a mistake but that he only did it to help her out, not because he loves her or anything, but doesn't know how to get her to sign for a divorce or annulment. For the last couple of years, she's harassed me (& his first wife) with phone calls; calling just to hear us say hello a bunch of times then hanging up. His 1st wife & I, as well as his older kids, want her gone!! At one point, she even tried so hard to get rid of me that she called child services claiming I was neglecting my 1.5 y/o son... I only know this because she had once lived in the building I lived in and she obviously knew the gate code & that's how they got in. At 8pm a child services woman shows up about the call then leaves fairly agitated less than an hour later that she couldn't find what was being put against me. This girl is still a very cunning con artist as well as a hypocrite! Before she got my fiance to marry her, she would complain about not being able to get her mom (who's also still illegal) proper medical care & now, what do you know, but her mom's been able to get into the hospital now for care, I'm guessing because she has access to the medical benefits that comes from the marriage. The girls' been here long enough to get citizenship & doesn't deserve sympathy for conning someone into marrying her to get it more quickly. My fiance owns his own business & I don't want him to lose it all because of this mistake, because he did something for someone he felt bad for. How can he divorce or annul a Vegas marriage to an illegal alien without getting in trouble himself? How can I get her deported for all the harassment & drama she's continued to cause with BOTH of his families?? I don't think someone she be allowed to stay in this country if they're trying to con someone (who's already engaged) for access to citizenship & its benefits as well as harrass the mothers of his children (me and his first wife). It's just not right!!