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Q: How do you get an illegal alien deported who worked for you?
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Is an illegal alien deported if pregnant?

yes she gets deported..

Can illegal alien children be deported?


What happens when you report an illegal alien?

They probably get deported!

If an illegal alien commits a felony crime will he be deported?


Can an illegal alien get deported if he gets served with child support papers?

Perhaps, but the mother should also be charged for harboring an illegal alien.

How can an illegal alien become a us citizen if they have been deported and have a felony in the u.s.?

Unfortunately, an illegal alien can not become an US citizen if they have been deported before. If they have a felony, they can't become a US citizen either.

Can an illegal alien be deported after he marries an American citizen?

If the alien entered illegally and did not have an I-601 approved, then the alien will always be subject to deportation

Which of the two will be deported if an illegal alien has a baby in the U.S?

not the mother nor the baby

Can a illegal alien get deported back to his country for simple assault on a minor?


Cane an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Can an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Is the marriage between an illegal alien and a US citizen legal?

Yes, it is a legal marriage, however, it does not mean the illegal alien won't be deported back to their country.

Can illegal alien married to US citizen be deported for possession marijuana?

Of course! Being married does not affect one's legal status, even a legal alien can be deported for criminal activity.

Illegal alien has a child in the us can he still be deported?

No it cant cuz it was born here

Why do illegal aliens get deported?

Illegal aliens get deported because they are illegal. if we just let every single illegal alien stay in the united states, they would take all our jobs, opportunites, bring in deadly diseases, ect...

How does a illegal alien file for a divorce with a US citizen after he was deported?

he has sexual intercourse with the deporting agent

Can an illegal alien be held in jail for non payment of child support or be deported?

Either scenario is possible.

When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Can your illegal alien girlfriend get deported if you are trying to get security clearance for a federal government job?

You will never qualify for a federal security clearance if the background investigation discloses your close relationship status with an illegal alien.

Can one be deported back to his country for being an illegal alien?

Yes. In some countries, deportation is limited to illegal aliens who have also committed crimes.

How can I get someone deported?

If they are an illegal alien that you need to call the Immigration, Customs and Excise service (ICE) which is the former INS.

Is a marriage between an American citizen and an illegal alien from Mexico binding?

No. He or she can and will be deported when the authorities notice his or her legal status.

If you are an illegal alien and your ex-husband threatens to have you deported can you take your US-born child with you?

I believe that if your child is a US citizen you cannot be deported. You need a lawyer.

What happens when an illegal alien doesn't pay child support?

An illegal alien would not be taken to court to be sued for child support because he would have no documentation. If he was taken, he would probably be held and perhaps deported.

Can a citizen marry a divorced illegal alien that s been here less than 2 years?

You can, but it wouldn't be advisable. The illegal alien can be deported at any time. It may even be impossible for them to get back to the US.

Do illegal aliens who are convicted in the us for any crime serve their sentence or are they only deported?

Generallythey will serve their sentence and once that is done they are deported. If as an illegal alien you commit a crime you are still tried and sentence just like a citizen.