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Document each call you make - date, time and person called. Leave a message for that person, giving your name, the date and a phone number where you can be reached. Most ins. cos. have a menu option - choose x number to report a new claim. Make sure you're doing that. If you still don't get a call back, ask the company's operator to put you through to the claims department supervisor. If you still don't get anywhere, call your state's department of commerce which generally oversees insurance companies and claims practices.

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If you have insurance and are driving somebody else's car if you have a wreck who's insurance company do you call?

You would call the insurance company of the person's car that you are driving. The insurance follows the car and not the insured.

If you had your granddaughter car insured and she wrecked it is the car covered?

It depends on the type of insurance coverage. If it was Liability insurance only, and she caused the wreck, then it is not covered. If it was Collision coverage, and she caused the wreck, then it would be covered. If she didn't cause the wreck, I'd check with the insurance company of the person who did cause it.

If you have a wreck delivering does your insurance have to pay?

Depends ... if you are using a personal auto that is insured for 'pleasure' and using it for delivering goods to customers (which is conducting a business), then NO your insurance will most likely not pay. However, if you have been honest and upfront with your insurance company and have the car insured for use in business venture, then you might be covered.

Do insurance companies pay for wrecked cars?

It can be said that insurance companies pay for cars after a wreck as long as you are fully insured. But when a person does get money from the insurance company it doesn't mean that they are buying it from you. The car will have to be taken to a car junk yard and you can sell it to them.

Who does an insurance defense attorney represent?

The insurance company hires a lawyer to represent the insured person or corporation. So, assume that Dan gets in a car wreck and rear-ends Paul. Paul sues Dan. Dan's insurance company hires Lewis the lawyer to represent Dan the defendant.

Does the supervisor have do be insured on the car the lerner is driving?

Not sure, but when you wreck into someone and get taken to court insurance might help.

Do insurance have to pay you the value of your wreck?

It depends on the insurance coverage, and what caused the wreck. But allowing the coverage covers the incedent the insurance company will pay the VALUE DETERMINED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY. Not what you think it was worth. I have about $40,000 in a car the insurance comapny will pay $3,000 for if it gets wrecked.

What happens with the insurance if you get in a wreck and its your fault?

We typically contact our insurance company and report the accident and the circumstances. That way the insurance company can pay the bills for you.Answerthe insurance company raises your rates and pay a deductable

Had insurance when your car was hit by a hit an run driver after the wreck lost your insurance will you still get paid?

Yes. As long as you were insured when the accident happened they will pay the claim.

What happens if my car insurance expires?

When car insurance expires the car and passengers are not longer covered so when a wreck occurs there will be no help with paying medical bills or to fix the cars involved in the wreck. May be subject to a fine if not insured.

Uninsured child borrows parents car that is insured and child has a wreck does insurance company have to pay out?

As long as he had permission, then yes. If you are going to try to claim that he/she didn't have permission, that's a whole other story.

Why is house insurance not required by law?

Because if you are dumb enough to have a house without insurance, the only one who loses money if anything happens will be you - if you don't have automobile insurance and you wreck, you might hurt someone else or wreck their car, too, so you have to be insured so that they get paid.

Does the insurance company pursue charges if unauthorized use wreck?


You get in a ATV wreck and the ATV in insured up to 100000 can you receive disabilty?

Question is incomplete/unclear? What was the insurance for? Injury/damage to others, or to the operator? Get disability from WHO??

What if i wreck my vehicle and it's not paid for?

Drivers are required to have insurance. If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company will pay for it. If you are driving without insurance in a vehicle that is not paid for, you still are obligated to repay the money you borrowed to buy the car. It is not the bank's fault that you wrecked the vehicle.

If you were involved in a car wreck and it was not your fault and you did not rent a car because you own another car does the insurance company have to pay you for time lost on the wrecked car?

Depends, you have to ask your insurance company

What do you need to do to file a claim?

It depends on your insurance company and local state laws, but normally, you just your insurance agent or the company. They may require you to call the police first, especially if it was a wreck.

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

What are car insurance auctions?

If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company pays you off and you give them the title for the vehicle. The insurance company then turns around and sends the vehicle to an auction (usually for dealers and wholesalers only) and sell it. Most of the time a salvage company will buy the car for parts and the insurance company can recoup some of their money.

Who pays if you wreck your car?

If you wreck your car, then it is usually the insurance that pays for you ;)

Who pays if you wreck company car on company property doing job for company?

It depends on the cause of the wreck.

Will a auto insurance company pay according to who was found at fault by the highway patrol investigating the wreck?

Absolutely, yes they will, and they should.

If you were in a car wreck in a company vehicle and the at faults insurance only paid for half the bills who pays the rest?

You probably would.

If your parents purchased a car for your 16-year-old daughter and registered it in their names how should the vehicle be insured in Virginia?

If they do not claim the teen driver on their insurance, then she gets into a wreck or otherwise gets gets the attention of the insurance company, the insurance company will terminate coverage and the parents will be required to get high risk insurance. They may also refuse to cover certain types of loss if the teen driver is not included in the policy. There is coverage for the kid that they pay and is discounted because the parents also have a policy with them. Liability is separated from the parents.

Does your insurance cover your car when an uninsured driver is driving and have a wreck?

It really depends on the type of coverage you have. Normally if that person had permission to drive the vehicle, you have full coverage/collision insurance, and that person was at fault your insurance will cover damages. If someone else caused the accident, you would still receive damages from their insurance if they were insured. Sometimes however the driver's insurance would cover your damages under certain circumstances. As always, it is really best to ask your insurance carrier or refer to your most recent coverage letter from the company.