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well sometimes it is hard to get it out but most of the sime you can get it out by using cat litter because of the ingedents incat litter it helps to get it out it usually works the best when it just happened!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 01:21:33
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Q: How do you get an oil stain off of a blacktop driveway?
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Will white ceramic tile yellow from the blacktop in our driveway on peoples shoes?

Yes, if it is asphalt it will because of the oil in it.

How do you clean spilled oil off a concrete driveway?

Plain clay cat litter will absorb the oil....use a liberal amount & let it "soak." To get the remants of the stain, use a brick to grind the cat litter into the driveway.

How do I get an oil stain off my canvas bag?

To get an oil stain off a canvas bag, first cover the stain with cornstarch or talcum powder to draw out some oil. After leaving the powder on for a few hours, brush it off and then rub Dawn dish detergent and hot water into the stain.

How do you get oil stains out of cement driveway?

One way to remove oil stays off cement driveway is by pressure washing it. You however have to use the correct pressure washing attachment to avoid damage, so it is best to use a pressure washer surface cleaner from bestcargurus, not will it only remove the stain faster but it will also ensure that you wont damage your driveway

How do you best clean and stain?

We would need to know what caused the stain and what kind of surface it's on. The procedure to clean an oil stain off of concrete is going to be much different than cleaning a red wine stain off of furniture.

How do you get oil out of water based stain?

The oil will gradually float to the top and you may be able to draw it off carefully.

How to get rid of oil off the ground?

Believe it or not, Head and Shoulders shampoo will remove an oil stain from your driveway.. if that's what you meant.

How do you clean oil spill up in driveway?

Cat litter is great for that. After the majority of the oil soaks up into the litter you scoop that up, then put a little more on the stain that will still be there. Grind the new dry kitty litter into the oil stain with your shoe until it looks like dust, then sweep that up. You may have to do that several times to get it all the way up. After all that, (I assume the driveway is cement) you can get it a little damp and put some laundry soap on it and scrub the spot. Eventually it will get most if not all of the oil up. Have fun!

How do you get wood stain off your skin with household products?

vegetable oil works perfect

How do you get an oil stain off of a leather couch?

maybe try cleaning it or not spill the oil spill clean with lighter fluid

If oil drips form your car onto your driveway where does it go?

Onto your driveway.

Can you put oil stain over latex stain?

No, oil needs to penetrate the surface and the latex stain will inhibit that penetration.

How do you remove an oil stain from a cotton shirt?

Put baby power on the stain, wait 10 mins., then brush off the power. repeat as necessary.

How do you remove oil stain from brick?

Try Oileaters. It is a wonderful product.I have used it on my driveway concrete with wonderful more oil stains! I purchased it at Costco or Sam's Club, but I have seen it also at Auto Part stores and supermarkets. If that does not get the stain out completely, try Oil Gone Easy S-200, a new bioremediation product that literally eats the oil. I got good results.

Best way to clean oil off driveway?

Before you try a non greaser, put some kitty litter on it for a time to see if it absorbs it. I tried a new product called Oil Gone Easy S-200. It got rid of the stain in about a week. I liked it because I didn't have to clean anything up.

How much latex stain should you sand off before applying an oil base stain?

All of it. Otherwise the latex stain will seal the surface of the wood and the oil will not be able to penetrate into the wood. Sanding won't remove all of the residue. You'll want to use a paint stripper/stain remover too.

What will take fresh oil and tar off driveway?

Last resort, if the oil and tar won't come off with regular cleaning brush, you can use a pressure washer surface cleaner from bestcargurus along with your pressure washer, that will surely do the job.

Will it work If i put Oil stain over flat latex paint?

Not really. Stain needs to absorb in to a wooden surface. If the surface is covered with anything it will reject the oil that carries that stain colour. It will dry against the surface but because its not fully adhered it will come off

How do you get car oil stain off the driveway?

coca cola and sand. worked for me. also coke is good for cleaning of your battery terminals if they're dirty and nasty :-)

Can you use waterbased deck stain over oil based deck stain?

No, you can't. The water based stain will not soak in and may bubble up on the oil based stain.

What is the difference between Oil based stain and water based stain?

Oil based stain generally penetrates the wood a little deeper

Can you put an oil based stain over a water based stain for the deck?

Yes, you can put an oil-based stain over a previous water-based stain on a deck. There will be problems doing the opposite as the water will not dry on the oil.

Can stain be mixed with linseed oil?

Yes! Providing that the stain in question is "oil based"! If the stain is LATEX then no. Oil based products will mix, but oil and water won't! Water being the carrying agent of latex!

What is alkyd stain?

It's an oil-based stain normally.

How do you remove oil stain either natural or probably from the lotion I put on my body from Macintosh fabric?

You get it and then get it off