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Well...why would you wish to return to an older version? You could try to uninstall any Service packs or Hot fixes in "Add/Remove Propgrams" in the Control Panel. Then try to install the older version. Keep in mind that a clean install is always better

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 19:59:52
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Q: How do you get around to reformatting your hard drive if it says that the system windows xp is newer version than the one trying to install?
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What is enough disk space for Windows?

It depends on which version of Windows. Windows Vista requires around 8GB of install space, Windows XP requires around 2.5GB. Older versions such as 98 and 2000 only need around 200-500MB. Windows 95 can install in only 50Mb of hard disk space. Ideally, you would need to double these figures just to get a useful system up and running.

Do you have to format your hard disk to install new windows?

You dont have to format the drive to install windows. But it is a good idea. If you try to install windows onto a drive which already has windows on it (working or non-working) it will probably refuse to continue instead preferring to attempt to fix the existing install. You can get around this by renaming or deleting the original windows folder

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Can I download Windows 10 for free on my new custom built PC?

Windows 10 is only available for free as an upgrade from an existing PC with Windows already installed. You cannot do a clean install. However there may be a work around. This may help you.

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Windows 10 is free to users who are currently using Windows 7 and 8.1. From your older Windows version you will have the ability to upgrade to the newer version with no cost. If you do not have Windows at all you will need to purchase a License for it through Microsoft. Windows is currently free. However, microsoft said there would be a charge soon of around $199. But thankfully, there is still a backdoor to getting it if you currently do not have it.

What is the best version of Windows?

The best Windows 9x Is Windows 98. However after that it's Windows XP. Although this is a matter of opinion, this is what the poll's have said. Windows 7 is getting some good reviews but it hasn't bee around long enough to be evaluated as seriously as XP.

Can you install Windows 7 on a computer that originally ran Windows XP?

Because Windows XP has been around for so long, that is impossible to answer definitively. Newer computers that shipped with Windows XP should be able to run it, while other ones probably will not meet the system requirements.

You recently got windows 7 and now must of your programs dont work is there a way around this or do you have to install them again?

You have to check if the computer you are using is compatible with the new software windows 7 before downloading it.

Can you run PC applications on a mac?

Yes there are three ways... one is to install windows on bootcamp which allows you to run windows nativly but you have to provide part of your hdd space you also need to restart to get into windows 15+ GB you willl have to buy a copy of windows $250 another is to install windows in a virtual machine which will run windows along with you mac OS. this also takes some hdd space but substantially less 2-3 GB. the software is around $80 the other is to use a prgoram called Corssover which allows you to install PC apps in the mac OS without installing windows at all. the software is $39 i think and i have it and love it

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Does windows XP supports the turbo c plus plus graphics?

You should actually turn the question around: does the Turbo C++ graphics library support Windows XP? The answer is yes it does, provided you are using a version of Turbo C++ for Windows XP and above.

After upgrading the hard drive on your Dell Inspiron 1100 notebook there is 2-3 inches of black around desktop why?

In regards of the question about the black bars around the sides of the desktop after reformatting the hard drive, all you need to do is insert your applications and drivers disk and click on the ATI video driver and unzip that. It will then install autimatically then you will be able to extend your desktop.

What are the typical costs associated with a Windows Vista upgrade?

Windows Vista upgrade home premium can be found online for $55 on a few sites. The Business version of Window's Vista upgrade can be found for around $150.

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How much memory does Windows 7 x64 takes on hdd without any side programs?

windows 7 (clean install) takes up 40-50 GB hdd space and around 400-700 MB RAM (idle)

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When does Microsoft office 2010 come out?

Microsoft is going to release Windows version of Office (32 and 64 bits) in the first half of 2010, somewhere around June.

Where on your PC would you find your operating system?

To determine which version of Microsoft Windows you are running:On the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start, and then click Run.In the Run dialog box, type: winver. NOTE: If you're using Windows Vista, type winverinto the Search box.Click OK. A dialog box displays the version that you are running.Source : Microsofthowever if you are asking where is your operating system actually "stored" then it is stored on your Hard Drive. mostly at the end of your hard drive to prevent dual booting. however there are techniques to get around this. such as a good defrag tool or reformatting windows and allocating it to a smaller partitiona couple things i almost forgot to include, if you have a docker(a thing at the bottom of your screen that gets bigger as you run your mouse over it) you have a probably have a mac, if you have two toolbars one at the top one at the bottom you probably have Linux

You installed windows 7 then vista and now you get disk read error occurred?

This happened to me once. If you install Windows 7 and then Vista, you get disk read error occurred because the windows 7 and vista boot files are different, so the computer cannot boot because both files are present. (Windows 7 and Windows Vista's boot files)The only way to get around this problem is this:1. Start the computer and then press F11, F2, Esc or another key (in your computer's manual) to get into the BIOS. Then go to a tab called Boot or Boot Order and change the 1st position to CD-ROM drive, then HDD.2. Insert your Windows installation disk or system repair disc (downloadable from the internet) and choose Install now for the install disc or click System Recovery for system repair then choose Clean install (install disc) or select a restore point and follow the instructions on-screen.If you choose the Clean Install button it will wipe all data from the hard drive, so be carefulHope this helps

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