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Your Tach Signal wire is Gray and Dark Blue (Gray/Dark Blue). Same wire, marked with both colors. This means the wire is GRAY with a dark blue line through it. It is located at the Coil pack on top of valve cover. --- This wire above is a 2 Cylinder Signal. 3.0L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED at Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 3.3L & 3.8L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED, DARK BLUE/TAN And RED/YELLOW at PCM. (Each wire is a 2 cylinder signal.)

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Q: How do you get at the tach sense wire in a 1999 caravan so you can finish installing a remote starter?
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When installing remote starter in 2004 grand caravan where do you find the 12 volt?

according to many install websites, you must pull 12v power from the battery, not any connection under the dash.

How do you install a remote starter on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Your kit should include instructions.

Will installing a car remote starter void part or all of the factory warranty?

Yes, installing aftermarket equipment such as a remote car starter will void a car warranty. For details on you car's warranty consult either the owner's manual, or the car manufacturer's website.

What are the steps to installing a remote car starter?

To begin with, check the box or manual of the remote car starter to see if the product is compatible with your car. Use a soldering iron to connect wires following the manual. If there is more than one wire for ignition, accessory or the starter, use a relay to connect them.

How do you disable wipers when starting ford minivan with remote starter?

What does a remote starter have to do with the wipers? Just turn them off when stopping the car, and then when you use the remote starter, the next time, the wipers will not come on. If the wipers are not on then they will not work, no matter if you are using a remote starter or not.

How do you change the fuse for the remote starter on Ford F-250?

The key remote? or the actual starter its self like valet starter..

Where are remote car starters located?

Most remote car starters are located in the bottom of the dash board, usually under the steering column. Some newer cars with remote starters built in may have the starter in a location other than in the dashboard, but if you are installing the car starter yourself, you will most likely put at the bottom of the dashboard unless instructions indicate otherwise.

How do you disconnect remote starter?

To disconnect a remote starter you will have to remove the dashboard panel around the car's steering column. Look for the remote starter. Disconnect the wire at the starter that goes to the positive battery terminal. Put the dashboard panel back on.

How do you program a remote for a 2003 Buick LaSabre?

How do i program my remote car starter / lawless remote

Does remote start need a new battery in the starter?

There is no battery in the starter.

Repair Remote Start?

form_title=Repair Remote Start form_header=A remote starter is difficult to repair and is best left to the professionals. How long have you had the remote starter?=_ Please describe the issues you are having:=_ What happens when you try to turn it on?=_

Where can you get a remote for Xtreme car starter?

Try Remotes Unlimited. I just ordered a remote from them today for an Xtreme starter. I just googled the number on the back of the remote and their website came up.

Remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed How do you get it to work again?

If the remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the remote, the remote needs to be reprogrammed. If the remote starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the vehicle, the computer might need to be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

Will a remote starter hurt your car?


How do you program your car's autostart remote?

This depends on the brand and model number of the remote starter. If it is actually an Autostart brand remote starter, you can download the install manual at their website and it will tell you how to reprogram the transmitters.

1999 Chevy Blazer remote starter how long does vehicle run after starting with remote starter?

not sure about a factory remote-start feature, but most aftermarket units are set for 10 minutes

What is the operational distance for the Viper remote?

With an installed Viper 160xv remote starter, the starter will work fine up to a distance of 100 feet or so, but not beyond. This is the limit for 160xv Viper remote.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for installing a remote start on an ford f250?

From the company that made the remote start.

Are remote car starters bad for car?

A remote car starter is a valuable aftermarket accessory for your car. The some benefits of having a remote car starter are theft prevention, safety and its convenience to use.

Where can one purchase a remote car starter?

One can purchase a remote car starter at Best Buy either in store or online. Alternatively, Amazon and eBay also have remote car starters that can be purchased.

Name something you might need a remote control for?

Car or truck, remote starter

Why does a polar start remote car starter not work?

polar car starter programing

Does a remote start hurt a cars starter?

No it does not.

Do you need a bypass module to install a remote starter on a 2007 jeep grand cheeroke Laredo?

The remote starter needs to be able to fake a chipped key.

What could make a automatic car start itself when key is in the off position?

remote starter?? No remote starter car is 1993 Chevy blazer (truck)