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I'm a girl and I can tell you that we love attention. Compliment us on how we look and stuff like that. Be very sweet and kind to us. If you are trying to get a girl to like you, but she just won't budge, then you might have to move on. Maybe she'll see what she's missing? Also, show how you feel towards us! It depends. Most girls like guys who are nice and considerate and who are compassionate. They'll like a guy who will compliment them kindly without saying anything disgusting. For example, saying that her hair looks really nice today or that her eyes are really pretty. Don't stalk them and try to get them to notice you that way, because that can very easily be a huge turnoff. Offer to help her with her homework or something like that. Be as kind and gentlemanly as you can because girls like to feel when they're being appreciated by somone. This way, you will be referred to as a nice person and not someone who just tries to get any girl they can because they're deperate. Good luck and all the best.

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Q: How do you get attention from a girl?
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What does it mean when girl says you do not pay attention to me?

If a girl says you do not pay attention to me, she wants you to pay more attention to her.

How do you know when a girl is just talking to you for attention?

If a girl is talking to you for attention she is likely wanting your attention in particular and is likely interested in you or at least believes your friends. Girls always want attention from boys and if you have them talking to you chances are they like you.

How do you get a girl to like?

show attention to her

How can you tell a girl is flirting with you?

When the girl is showing extra attention towards you

How do you know if a girl want your attention?

Well a girl definitely wants you attention if she stares at you alot, makes fun of you, or tries to make conversation with you.

Do all girls like when you complement them?

it is giving them attention .and every girl likes attention

What to do when you like unknown girl?

juz get her attention..

Why do guys tickle girl?

They most likely like the girl because the guy wants attention from the girl

What does it mean when a girl grabs you?

it mean that a girl was trying to get your attention or trying to fallin love with you

I'm a nerdy guy and I like a popular girl how could I get her attention?

You can get her attention by being nice to her and others.

How do you get attention of a girl?

You look at her, smile at her, flirt with her...etc

What Happens to a girl?

Guys try to get there attention of girls

Can a girl just wear short dresses and skirts because it makes her feel pretty or is getting attention from guys always involved?

im a girl but i dont do that to get attention from guys. but i know girls that do that n they usually do it for guy attention.

What does it mean if a guy always like to be with a girl?

With one certain girl ? Most likely that girl has his attention & he may have a crush on her .

What does your girlfriend mean when she asks for attention?

she means shes jealous because you r paying attention to another girl

How to get girls attention?

to get a girl attention you need to say hi to her (but not too much) and sometimes say she looks nice

If you like a girl but she doesnt know you exist how do you get her attention?

Talk to her :(

What does it mean when a girl plays with her hair?

She is seeking attention unknowingly

What happens if you ignore a girl?

She will become interested in why you ignored her. You will get her attention.

When will a guy give up on a girl he likes if he has never talked to her and try to forget her?

Mostly if you like a girl you should try to buy some attention so she will pay more attention to you

How do a boy show a girl that he likes her?

1.By telling her. showing more attention anything just to get her attention

What do you do when a little girl bugs you?

Just be polite & remember she is a little girl. A time will come when you will welcome such attention.

A girl who flirts with each and every boy?

A girl who flirts a lot probably just wants attention.

How can you get a girl to like you without attracting a lot of attention?

Just tell the girl you like them and she started to like me

What does a boy do when he like a girl?

you might find him staring at you sometimes. He might go out of his way to be nice or get your attention. kinds of things like that. if a guy likes a girl he will probably just try to get your attention.