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Q: How do you get audio on your vlc player?
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Where can one find an audio player for a Mac that can play most types of audio files?

VideoLAN Organization offers a program called VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player is compatible with Macintosh and will play just about anything you can think of.

How do you install an audio player on Debian?

From a terminal type: sudo aptitude install vlc

How do you watch in Hindi a dual audio movie?

open the video/movie on vlc media player and press B to change the audio from english to hindi

What is a program for playing audio and video files?


What is a vlc player?

It's a multimedia player (like Windows Media Player, only better) as it plays virtually every video/audio format file.

What service is provided by VLC media?

VLC Media is an open source player for video and audio files, DVDs, and VCDs. It works on most common operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows.

What is the full name of VLC?

VLC Media Player

How do you play vlc format?

VLC is a player not a format a .vlc data file will require the VLC player. The VLC player will play most formats (See links below) and can save files in another format as required.

Is windows media player the only audio player available for windows OS?

No. Windows Media Player is not the only audio/media player for Windows OS. There are other popular media player too. Some of them are VLC, Real Player, QuickPlay, etc.

Will VLC player play MP4?

The VLC player will play MP4 files.

What to do if VLC media player is crashed?

unistall it and install new vlc player

What is a VLC media file?

VLC is not a file or media file. It is a Media Player, encoder and streaming that supports many audio and video codecs and file formats such as FLV,3GP, WAV, MPEG, Audio formats like AAC, AC3 and MP3. Hope this helps.... :)

What mac based program can play a wma file?

To play WMA audio files and WMV video files, get Flip Player or VLC. Free versions are available.To convert WMA audio files and WMV video files to other formats use VLC.

Kmplayer or vlc player?

vlc player is the best and plays all types of formats

How do you change Japanese shows to English?

To switch the audio track in a video file, the video file must already contain both audio tracks. If you are sure of this, then you need a player that supports such features. The easiest way to get support for most containers and encodings is through VLC ( or CCCP ( CCCP will use Media Player Classic Home Cinema as a video player and VLC is it's own standalone player with built in codec libraries. To switch the audio track, you first open the video with either player and right click anywhere where the video is playing. The context menu should contain an "Audio" menu where you can switch between the different audio tracks in the file.

Will VLC player play m4v?

Yes VLC media player will play .m4v files.

When was VLC media player created?

VLC media player was created on 2001-02-01.

Which video player should you use Mplayer or VLC?

VLC, definitely.

What is full form of VLC media player?

VLC- Vedio Lan Client

Which player is better km player or gom player or vlc player?

VLC is definitly more usefull ;)all video formats thinkablestreamingconverting......

What is AVI indicated?

AVI stands from- Audio Video Interleaved. This Is Extension Of Video File supported by video player such as vlc,window media etc

Which video player can play any type of video file?

vlc player is the best player ever just google : vlc

Does iTunes support VLC media player?

No, both iTunes and VLC are media players.

Is there a media player similar to VLC?

GOM player

Which video player do you like?

VLC media player