How do you get back an ex who just broke up with you?

You can't change someone else's feelings towards you and it doesn't solve the problems that caused the previous relationship to end.

a) Don't be friends with your ex, or at least don't do that right now. You'll end up putting your life on hold and resenting your ex even more when they move on with their life (i.e. start a new relationship). It's best for both people to initially have time and space apart until both are OK with the fact that they won't have a relationship again. Don't call or contact them and if your ex contacts you, be honest that you both need space and you think it's best if you don't hang out or contact each other for now.

b) Get out with friends, take up stuff you were too busy for previously. Try to keep your mind of off the ex (yeah, easier said than done, but do it anyway.)

c) Don't show your anger and hurt. Be friendly but distant when you see them. Let them see the best of you, what made you attractive to them.

d) If you meet someone you find attractive, go for it! As time passes, you will find someone else and you may accept that breaking up was the best thing for both of you.