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How do you get back an ex who just broke up with you?


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You can't change someone else's feelings towards you and it doesn't solve the problems that caused the previous relationship to end.

a) Don't be friends with your ex, or at least don't do that right now. You'll end up putting your life on hold and resenting your ex even more when they move on with their life (i.e. start a new relationship). It's best for both people to initially have time and space apart until both are OK with the fact that they won't have a relationship again. Don't call or contact them and if your ex contacts you, be honest that you both need space and you think it's best if you don't hang out or contact each other for now.

b) Get out with friends, take up stuff you were too busy for previously. Try to keep your mind of off the ex (yeah, easier said than done, but do it anyway.)

c) Don't show your anger and hurt. Be friendly but distant when you see them. Let them see the best of you, what made you attractive to them.

d) If you meet someone you find attractive, go for it! As time passes, you will find someone else and you may accept that breaking up was the best thing for both of you.


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It depends. If he broke up with you it probably just means he misses you, if you broke up with him he probably wants you back.

just talk to her about it and hopes she wants to get back together

if they broke up with you, move on. If you broke up with them and they flirt with you, flirt with them back

You might, but honestly, you broke up once, it is probably best just to move on.

Uhm, if he's an ex boyfriend and HE broke up with YOU then you should first off see if he even has feelings for you but if you broke up with him then i would just tell him how much of a mistake breaking up with him was and ask for him back (:

No. She just wants the other guy to be jealous. She either still likes you or is 'player'-ish.

depends if why they broke up and if they need couseling alots of things to take into account!

of you broke up with him and you still like him then you obviously want to get back together. But if he broke up with you and you two are just friends then it is not that big of a deal.

No, you broke up for a reason. Acknowlege it and move on.

depends on why you guys broke up

ask him to come to your house and give it to him hard

Did he break up with you, or did you break up with him. If a. he broke up with you, sorry, your out of luck. Chances are he had his eye on someone else or it just wouldn't work out. B. If you broke up with him, he's your ex for a reason. Sorry!

tell him you miss him.. or if you were the one that broke up with him tell him it was the biggest mistake and you were wrong for what you did. if he broke up with you then chances are he doesnt want you back.. guys have big egos and some might go back out with an ex but most of them wont. and if he was the one to break up with you then wait for him to say he misses you or wants you back, or if you feel brave tell him you want him back. goood luck

this is the clasic, he it trying to make you gelious trick! just ignore him that will drive him crazy. if he brakes up with her to go back out with you then say NO! he will break up with you that fast if he broke up with her that fast!

Well, that really depends. Is the ex boyfriend/girlfriend nice? Does he or she care about you. Why did you break up? Was there a fight? If so, why get back together? You dont want it to happen again! Or if you guys broke up from something bad you did or they did, your not the best couple lets just say. but if you guys broke up for no reason, and your ex is sweet caring nice giving kind, then sure, get back together! Did that help?

Just say sorry to her and apologize. Tell her that you were wrong on your part. She might agree and will come back to you running.

Do you mean How do you get your ex girlfriend to go back out with you because if she's your girlfriend then you guys are still goig out. if that was your question it depends on who broke up with who because if she breoke up with you then she dont want you anymore if you broke up with her there's a chance she might want you back just ask her.

ex- boyfriend means a boy you dated and just broke up or had been broken up

only if your blessing is with us if not we already broke up once

Tell them to stuff it, and move on. Trust me - you broke up for a reason!

You first ask yourself, do you really want someone who would break up three times in a row to end up with you? She broke up with her ex, then she broke up with you, and now you want her to break up with the ex again? How long would it be before she broke up with you for the ex again or for someone else? The girl is confused and needs time to work out what she wants. There are plenty of other girls in the world who are better than this fickle minded girl.

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