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AnswerOpen regedit in your start>run>regedit browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\policies\Explorer

If you find "NoFolderOptions" value, delete it.

Another way is to open gpedit in your start>run>gpedit.msc. Browse to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Explorer>. Removes the Folder Options item from Tools Menu. Set state to disabled.

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How do you get back the folder options in windows on windows xp without going to the regedit?

Click on Tools then Folder Options. Then click on 'Restore Defaults' button.

How do you show hidden folders on Windows XP?

On Windows XP, hidden folders by activating 'show hidden files and folders' in Folder Options. Folder Options can be accessed from any Windows explorer window.

How do you change the view setting for folders in Windows XP?

Just go in folder properties. Tools->Folder Options...->View

Where are back up files stored for windows xp?

The i386 folder. It should be in C:\Windows

What is the extension to a folder?

In windows xp the extension for a folder is generally .FOLDER it can be seen in the windows registry !!

What is the percent SystemRoot percent folder as used in Microsoft documentation?

the folder in which Windows 2000/XP is installed %SystemRoot% folder, all systems files (the folder in which windows 2000/XP is installed)

You are configuring Windows XP on your machine Which folder properties can you set in Folder Options?

Opening files using a single click Opening folders in the same window Viewing web content in folder

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000 or Windows XP CD where the installation files are stored?

The i386 folder.

What happen when you double click on any folder in windows xp?

Double clicking on a folder in Windows XP should open up a view of that folder's contents.

How do you get rid of Windows 7 and get xp?

If you have perform a Custom install from windows xp to windows 7. You can speak to a technical support at 1 800 936 5700. They will guide you in reverting back to windows xp using windows.old folder in your computer. However, If you have perform a clean format install, then, Install windows xp using windows xp installation disc...

What is system 32 folder?

system32 is a folder that holds info. for your windows XP.

What folder are fonts in Windows 2000 and Windows XP stored in?


Does windows xp have a Program Data folder?

Normally it does not have it.

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000 XP CD where the installation files are stored?

in xp and 2000 CD it is stored in i386 folder

Prefetch data in Windows XP is parsed into what folder?

Try c:\windows\prefetch

How do you delete folder from windows xp home c drive?

Click the folder and press delete.

How do you hide folders in windows xp?

Right Click on the folder and check the box next to "hidden". if you want to see the folder, go to Start -> Folder Options -> Click on the View tab and Select "show hidden file and folders.

What is the path to the Windows XP startup folder for all users?

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Program\Startup is the Windows XP startup folder for all users.

Name d folder that cannot be created in Windows XP?


In Windows XP what do administrative shared folder names always end with?


From which folder on the distribution server are the windows xp professional program files copied to a temporary folder on a client computer?

i386 folder.

How do you open a zip folder?

you need a Windows PC with Windows XP or you need to install WinZip or similar program, then you just double click on the folder

What folder hold registry in Windows xp?

The registry itself is not in a perticular folder but is built into your windows system.The registry can be accessed by pressing the windows key then r and typing in "regedit"

How does your you put windows xp back to your system?

I had to clean my system and it remove windows xp can you help me put this back

How do you create a folder with no name-computer?

Rename the folder & den jst press... ALT + 255 in windows xp