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I am really sorry to hear this is happening to you, but the good thing is, you have just as much say in parental rights as she does. I suggest if you are living at home to discuss this with your parents, and if you are living alone be sure you make a list of all your good points such as: Working steady, hourly wage, if you volunteer, if you have another job besides, if you own your own home (isn't that necessary) but if you do live in an apartment there has to be a separate room for the child. If your parents are willing to get involved and you have joint custody of your child perhaps you could stay at your parents while visiting with the child. This is only meant as a "safe place" with space for that child (your parents would have a spare room for the baby) and you'd be responsible for looking after that baby and it means feeding the baby at all hours, and changing those diapers. I am proud to meet you and it isn't often a young man steps up to the plate (older ones for that matter) and takes responsibility for their child. Get that lawyer, and if you can't afford one, then apply to the courts and a judge will make arrangements between you and your ex girlfriend as to custody arrangements. If you have any proof against her new boyfriend and feel this child is in any danger at all be sure to let the lawyer or judge know this as well. Good luck Marcy Boys shouldn't be having kids. You best grow up and take care of your creation.

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Q: How do you get back with your ex if you know she still loves you and you just had a child together but she is with another boy and you have heard a lot of bad things about him?
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