How do you get bed bugs?

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The common bed bug is a small, reddish-brown insect. Bed bugs

are oval-shaped with flattened bodies.

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals to survive.

Unlike some parasites, such as fleas or lice, bed bugs do not live

on their hosts but only visit them to feed. Bed bugs are most

active at night. Their bite is similar to being bitten by a

mosquito it is painless and may results in a small, red, itchy

bump. However, many people have no reaction at all.

Bed bugs cannot fly and prefer to hide close to their hosts when

not feeding. They can be found in apartments, hotels, homes,

shelters, and student dormitories. Bed bugs can also hide on

clothing or in luggage when you travel and can be brought to places

like your home or hotel.

Reports of bed bug problems have been on the rise. The increase

in bed bugs is thought to be the result of changes in modern pest

control practices including the use of insect specific baits and

gels, which do not work for bed bug control. In addition, more

people are traveling abroad increasing the chance of bringing the

insect back in their luggage.

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