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to get blue ink out of carpet just use oxy-clean. IT really works.

OR you can try regular aerosol hairspray.

spray directly onto ink stain, blot out, DO NOT RUB! Repeat until gone, rinse clean with water. Works well with Jeans and t shirts also.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-12 19:38:42
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Q: How do you get blue ink out of carpet?
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How do you get blue ink out of carpets?

You can put clorox-if brown carpet-then use dawn

Why blue ink is red?

blue ink is blue... not red

How do you get black ink out of cream carpet?


How do you get red ink out of beige carpet?

Try using hair spray, or toothpaste. I used this and it got the red ink out of my white carpet. It works great.

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Blue ink is homogeneous.

How do you get black ink out of carpet?

you dont says Einstein

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sea green goes well with ink blue

What can you use to get ink out of a carpet?

Red wine on a damp cloth

What colour carpet with sky blue walls?

I'd say a cream colored carpet with sky blue walls.

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Ink from carpet?

Toothpaste gets out sharpy but for ink, a liquid "Resolve". Buy this at Target or Walmart. Do not pay over $13 for this product.

What color is squid ink?

Color of squids ink is blue-black.

When we put a drop of blue ink in a glass of water the whole water turns blue after sometimes .why?

Because the ink spreads out in the water and mixes to become diluted ink.

How do you get ink out of your carpet using home remedies?

alchol works Use alcohol, saturate the spot and wipe it up. That is the best remedy for ink.

Why is my carpet blue?

that's what she said

Why people used only red and blue ink when tracing the flow of the blood?

They use red and blue ink when tracing the flow of blood because red ink is for arteries and blue ink is for veins. This can cause a problem because people sometimes think that arteries have red blood and veins have blue blood, but this is not true.

L plus the blue or black liquid you write with?


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sometimes if the black ink i very light, and there was a blue tattoo under it.

How can you clean powder printer ink off a carpet?

Very difficult - try a vacuum cleaner first. However I suspect the carpet will be ruined - do you have household insurance - you may be able to get a replacement carpet.

How do you get ink out of carpet?

you have to get a wet towel and let it soak it up then scrub with grease lightning

What color carpet goes with teal blue walls?

It could be a light grey carpet.

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