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How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

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Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

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How do you get dirt stains off a gunite pool?

acid wash pool

How do you get calcium stains off pool walls?

You could wash your pool walls with pool acid.

How do you remove stains from wall paint?

What kind of stains? Magic Eraser takes off most stains.

How to get glow stick stains off of the wall?

try oops! or goof-off

What are black-brown stains on the bottom of the liner that can not be scrubbed off but once the pool cover is on for a day or two the stains vanish?

It sounds like some sort of algae when you expose it to the pools water it brings it under controll.

How do you get bluetack stains off the wall?

Just scrub with a rough sponge

How can you get hard water stains off your vinyl pool liner?

clean it with peroxide

How do I get Gel window stickers oily stains off of wall?

I would think you could use "Oops!" or "Goof Off", which are liquid emulsifiers and do a good job of dissolving various glues. You will most definitely need to wash the wall after you get the "sticker stains" off.

How do you get rust stains off a pool liner?

Have you tried muriatic acid? be careful with the stuff though.

How do you get brown water stains off fiberglass pool steps?

i only found this answer:Try a chealating agent -- a liquid stain remover. It may take two quarts to do the job. Follow the mfg's instructions.

How do you get green stains off the pool plaster probably from tree debris?

Green stains (copper color) that cannot be removed indicate you might have a pH problem. K

How do you remove brown stains from swimming pool?

A lot of scrubbing and some chlorine

How do you remove yellow stains from a gunite pool?

Use a steal wire brush to brush off the yellow stains. Also, it might help to keep the chlorine level high.

How do you clean green algae off the bottom of an inflatable plastic children's pool?

What is the best way to remove algae stains from the pool liner?Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage.

How do you clean dirt stains off cement?

I've had some success with muriatic acid- although you have to be very careful & only works if stains not too deep. They sell it in pool supplies.

How do you clean black stains that seem to be hard scale off of the inflatable ring on a quick set pool that was left uncovered all winter?

It totally depends on what made the stains, not what color they are.

How do you get permanent marker stains off an acrylic tub or shower wall?

I use baking soda to clean my acrylic tub/shower. It gets out a multitude of stains. Maybe it will work on this

What is the best way to get kitchen grease stains off a painted wall?

just ask your wife ,she'll know what to do?

Can a corroded light cover in an inground pool cause metal stains on a pool liner?

Yes.. If the lite ring or facering are corroded the chemical ballance has been way off..

If a 70 kg swimmer pushes off a pool wall with a force of 250 N at what rate will the swimmer accelerate from the wall?


What does anti-calcium do and how does it remove a build up of calcium stains?

I don't believe it does - I think it just prevents stains. I have calcium stains on my pool because I poured powedered shock into the pool over the winter when the water wasn't circulating (don't do that!) -- now I'm grinding them off by hand witha diamond abrasive pad screwed to a long metal pool and it's grueling work. There's no way a checmial would take these off - even a wire brush didn't make a dent. Good luck

What is streamlining in swimming?

Steamlining is when you put your arms in an arrow and push off the wall of the pool with your feet.

How can you get rid of brownish green and dark stains on wall have treated the pool for copper but it hasn't worked how can you get the stains off without emptying the pool marbelite pool?

If the stains are more than a few hours old you will have to drain the pool to do an acid wash. Another alternative is to do what is called in the industry a "no-dran" acid wash - and yes the spelling is correct there because it is the manufacurer's way to spell it. The product is put out by United Chemical Co in California. Possibly in Simi Valley. Can be found in most major pool stores at times. You must follow all the instructions on the container or it will not work properly. You also must know when to stop the process. It is best for a professional to do this type of work. If trained properly he will know when to react to the different chemical situations that are involved.

How do you repair a leak at the skimmer?

turn the pool pump off,take off the cover of the pool skimmer box, The pool water level must be above the area where the skimmer box meets the pool wall. If it is not, add water to the pool until it is at least 1 inch above this seam.

What if your Pool was under 8 ft of water in the latest flood in Georgia the pool has been drained and now the bottom is black with leaf rot and other stains how do you get it off?

Acid wash it with a presure sprayer.