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Coaxial cable can be used for both. You need a two way splitter They are cheap Attach the cable coming out of the wall to the incoming part of the splitter The side with one nipple Then attach a cable from your tv to the out going nipple on the opposite side Then the other cable from the computer to the remaining outgoing nipple

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Q: How do you get cable TV from your Internet line?
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At the moment i have a land line phone which enables me to access internet via dsl. Can i connect to internet without the land line?

Some internet service providers offer cable-internet services, using the cable that connects to your tv.

Do you need to have cable TV to get cable internet?


Why does the cable internet work but cable tv does not?

You may only have the internet package. You have to pay more for cable TV channels. If you do have both packages then contact the cable company to find out why you don't have TV.

Can I get internet service without phone line?

Yes, you can get internet service without a phone line. Cable is your best option, as it is inexpensive and reliable. Yes, you can purchase internet service without a telephone line. Telephone companies and cable or satellite television service providers usually offer internet only options.

Do I need to have cable tv to have the cable company be my ISP?

You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

Describe the function of modem?

To connect to your internet service provider, either through a phone line or a tv cable

What provides high-speed Internet connections through the cable television network?

An existing telephone network provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network. Cable internet is integrated into the cable television infrastructure analogously to DSL.

What are the best internet services without a land line?

If you have cable TV, I would check with them. I have internet with my cable provider (Comcast) and it is significantly faster than any DSL (type of internet you get from the phone company) connection I have ever used.

23 Give two examples of broadband technology?

DSL and cable modem. One shares internet with telephone line, the other shares it with television cable.

Can you get Cable Internet with Dish Network and if so is it good for gaming?

You can get Dish Network and cable internet. Be sure to tell your Dish TV installer that you plan on getting cable internet. Also, tell your Cable TV installer you have dish satellite. As far as Cable internet being good for gaming, it depends on the internet speed you get.

Is charter a broadband Internet service?

Charter provides both cable television and cable internet. Their cable internet IS broadband internet.

What would you rather lose cable or internet?

I would rather lose TV cable than the internet.

What is a cable internet service?

It's a form of broadband internet access that uses the cable television infrastructure.

Is there a such thing as cable TV internet?

Yes. Practically every cable TV company now offers some time of internet. Usually, there are packages you can purchase that include the internet price on your cable bill. Contact you cable company for more details.

Tell me more about cable TV internet?

Cable TV companies like Time Warner now offer internet services. They also offer cable boxes for TVs that have internet functions. Time Warner offers a discount on bundling these two services.

Have cable internetcan you get tv from this?

As I understand it, to have cable internet, with some compainies, a basic cable subscription is part of the deal. Hook your TV up, go to the menu in the TV and do a set-up, such as switching the tuner to cable mode and then doing a channel scan. If it doesn't work, then you don't have TV with your cable internet.

Can you get cable tv with your cable internet connection?

if there is a trap trapping out the television Chanel's outside then no u should not

Can you split cable television to get cable internet?

Yes with a 1000mz splitter for no problems

Where can one get cheap cable and internet packages?

One can get cheap cable and internet packages from the providers Cox Cable and Comcast. Direct TV and DISH offer inexpensive cable and internet packages as well.

How can one watch cable tv over the internet?

You can watch cable tv by purchasing a router from your cable company or local store. You hook the cable up to your tv and then you hook it up to your laptop.

Why is a modem necessary in computer?

A internel modem in a computer can be used for a dial-up connection service from your ISP. A external modem is used for dial-up, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and cable Internet. Dial-up = Phone line DSL = Phone line (generally faster and does not cut out your calls) Cable Internet = TV line

Does wind affect reception on cable tv?

Very rare. Cable tv runs through a cable that usually travels next to the power lines, or underground depending where you are. The only reason that wind would affect your cable tv is if a power line fell, or a tree fell and broke the cable tv/internet line. However, because cable service providers obtain most of their programming from satellite and microwave links, service can sometimes be affected by severe weather, especially heavy rain.

If there is cable tv installed can you get the internet?

no u stupid!

Do you have to have a telephone line to connect to the Internet?

No. There are other methods of connecting to the internet, such as cable internet and 3G.

If you have cable Internet do you automatically get some basic cable TV channels?

Not if they put a filter on your line which blocks any t.v signal but usually the cable guy forgets to do it so try it anyways and if it works that's called FREE CABLE.