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Try placing the sweater in the coldest freezer you can. The wax will solidify and become very brittle, allowing you to break it into tiny pieces and pick them out. This works for wax in carpeting to but for that you would use a freezing spray. Good luck.

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How do you get wine off a cashmere sweater?

Set the sweater on fire and the stain will disappear!

What is candle wax made from?

candle wax is made from parrafin wax

Is candle wax a conductor?

The candle wax is an insulator.

What is the effect of candle wax?

Candle wax is the fuel a candle uses to keep burning. So, I guess the effect of the wax is the candle keeps burning.

How do you stretch a cashmere sweater back out?

use your back

Can you mix candle wax?

Yes you can mix candle wax.

Can candle wax boil?

yes the candle wax can boil.

What kind of wax does a candle maker use?

Candle wax

Is candle wax a physical property?

Candle wax are generally organic compounds. melting of candle wax is a physical property

What are the release dates for Girl in the Cashmere Sweater - 2010?

Girl in the Cashmere Sweater - 2010 was released on: USA: 2 July 2010 (Santa Monica, California)

Is candle wax a element or compound?

Candle wax is a mixture of compounds.

What is another word for candle wax?

Tallow is used as candle wax

Is candle wax mixture or a Pure Substance?

candle wax is a mixture

How many hydrogen atoms are in candle wax?

Candle Wax is C25H52 so in 1 molecule of candle wax there are 52 hydrogen atoms.

What are the parts of a candle?

The parts of a candle are: candle wax and wick; wax or wick are made from different materials.

Can candle wax wax your snowboard?

Candle wax isn't the same as board wax. Candle wax can make your board stick to the snow, so just spend the extra couple bucks and buy snowboarding wax.

What wax is in a candle?

Generally paraffin wax is used in a candle, but sometimes bees' wax is used as well.

What is the gas in candle wax called?

pariffin is the gas called in candle wax

Is candle wax a compound or a mixture?

Candle wax is a hydrogenated oil compound

Is Candle wax a conductor of electricity?

No, candle wax would be considered an insulator.

What is the chemical equation for melting candle wax?

The melting of candle wax is a physical change; the wax is going from the solid state to the liquid state. Therefore, there is no chemical equation for the melting of candle wax.

What is the scientific name for candle wax?

Parmentiera cereifera is the scientific name for candle wax.

Is a wax candle magnetic?

No, because a wax candle does not have any magnetic pull or push.

Is it possible to make candle wax into crayons?

No you cannot make one out of candle wax.

What is in a colored candle?

in a colored candle there is wax

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