Abercrombie and Fitch

How do you get cheap abercrombie clothes?

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2010-07-26 17:10:35

Shop at the store when they have a clearance or the clothes are

on sale! outlet stores are also really great , either that or shop

at Plato's Closet or TJ Maxx, they have used abercrombie


real abercrombie has a 'box' in the back of the shirt (on the

outside of it) or whatever, and that shows it is real


You should shop on ebay!

go to a used store and they have some of their cloths or u

actually go to abercrombie with a gift card or u just get clothes

off of the clearance rack.

It depends. I think if you shop at abercrombie and you go in the

tank top section, they have choices for only 6 dollars

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