How do you get cocaine and crack cocaine out of your system?

Urinate frequently, also shower frequently this is will make you sweat out the toxins from your pores.
If you have been flushing your system with water you will want to use a baby wipe and cleanse your genitals to wipe away any toxins that may have remained after wiping from peeing.
If you can jog go for one (exercising and showering esp the day after will expel most of the crack/cocaine from your system, then drinking plenty of clear fluids to flush after is the best bet.
HINT: do not try to fllush the day the screening as they pick up diluted sceens now also you may pass a sample containing toxins you have beeen flushing. if you have 3 days do as follows: day 1 shower and exercise day 2 shower and flush with clear fluids day 3: continue drinking plenty of fluids but also add coffee or soda or other liquids that will concentrate your urine back up (and dont forget to use the baby wipe before you go in) and you should be good to go.