How do you get connected with your sexual personality and become able to talk about how you feel and your curiosity without feeling immoral?


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Whore is even a strong name to give a prostitute. Prostitution is a business and sometimes if the women are smart it's a lucrative business. All young women go through curiosity regarding sex. The best way to start out is by going on www.google.com and ask "all you need to know about sex." This way you will learn a lot about sex, what to expect, what you should be careful of such as sexually transmitted diseases and that anyone you have a sexual encounter with should wear a condom. You have to ask yourself if you want to wait and keep your virginity (some girls do and even a few young men do.) Peer pressure is what makes young people go off track, so be true to yourself and don't be pressured into anything you don't want to do. Sex is a personal thing between two people and others need not know. Dare to be an individual when you are around your friends and there is no need to admit you haven't had much experience with guys if you choose not too. Unfortunately in these modern times there are so many sexually transmitted diseases and sexual relationships are treated more like an entry into an Olympics than the beautiful experience it should be. If you are going to "squeak the sheets" with every guy you date right off the bat then you are walking on the wild side and even though a young man certainly is always looking for a sexual experience with the girl he's seeing (perhaps it's a first date) does not respect a girl that will go to bed with him on the first date! It's about "the chase" where he actually has to work at winning over the girl he supposedly loves. That's a good thing because it gives both young couples a chance to get to know one another before they have a sexual relationship. Some younger people will come on here and say "Hey, do what you want to do and go for it!" It's a load of crap! If you don't respect yourself then who is going to respect you. No girl wants to be the target of a conversation between the guy she's just had a sexual relationship with and his buddy's as to what "an easy lay" she was, and trust me, they still do that! Keep sex for the one you really love. Take a month or so to really get to know them. Really learn about sex so you are prepared (even some grown adults know very little about sex) and realize that sex should be a beautiful experience and not a sport just so you can appear cool to your peers. Remember the old saying, "Easy come, easy go" and that could be your reputation or a young man you fall in love with that doesn't take you seriously because of "easy sex" and he's off and running to a new girl. You're smart to have asked this question so I have no doubt you are going to be one of the winners when it comes to love and good relationships. Good luck!


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