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How do you get cranidos on platinum version?


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you find it as a fossle underground to get there use the explorer kit.

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Go to serbii.net or cranidos serbii.net

I can sure give you a cranidos for a shieldon if you like.

To find Cranidos on Platinum, you have to dig underground for a skull fossil. Then go to Orburgh City and go to the museum. Talk to the Scientist and he will revive it into a level 20 Cranidos! -Hope this helps! :)

you'll get a cranidos in the under ground in Pokemon platinum. just keep on levelling it up till it learns headbutt.

You can get all the fossils underground, except for shieldon or cranidos. You find shieldon if your ID is even and Cranidos is your ID is odd.

You have to obtain a skull fossil underground and turn it into a Cranidos at the Oreburgh Mining Museum.

you can not find a wild rampardos in platinum you have to catch a cranidos by finding a skull fossil underground and then evolve cranidos at lv. 30 hope that helps =)

You can evolve Cranidos in Platinum and Diamond, but then you have to trade.

you need the skull fossil whic you can get underground

You need a skull fossil by digging underground.

There is no specified place to find fossils, it is simply luck. However, in Platinum, you can only find Cranidos or Shieldon, not both. So if you have found a Cranidos fossil in Platinum, then you have to trade for a Shieldon.

Must trade Cranidos appears in Diamond/Platinum (odd ID number) - Revive Skull Fossil

go underground get a skull fossil and get it restored

rite this is meggies bro and i ave done all this stuffff. i do happen to own a platinum version and u have to listen to tha man in eterna and go under ground and do his missions or u can cheat it with action replay by adding the code. You have to obtain the explorer kit from the man in eterna and go underground to dig up a skull fossil. I do have on in my platinum version I also have a shieldon

You can't catch Cranidos in the wild or from a special event. You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

cranidos comes from the skull fossilwhiteless

You revive it from a Skull Fossil, like in Diamond and Platinum.

Revive a fossil(I forget which one) in Orenburgh city.

Rock. -Geodude -Onix -Cranidos Geodude is a Rock/Ground Type, as is Onix. Cranidos is a pure Rock type.

you cant, you ether evolve a cranidos or see a trainer with it

Skull Fossil → CranidosArmor Fossil → Shieldon

It takes 7,680 Steps to hatch a Cranidos. And it hatches faster when you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body

you have to dig it up from the sinnoh underground, then take it to the mining museum.

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