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How do you get crescelia?

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Go to Canalave City and talk to Sailor Eldritch. Go to the new island and walk up to Cresselia. Press A to release the wing. Grab it and take it to Sailor Eldritch's son.

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How do you find crescelia in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Crescelia in Canavale City. Once you get to Canavale city go and talk to the sailor. The sailor will take you to Iron Island and you will see Crescelia roaming around.

When you are using the action replay to make the legendary Pokemon that are fleeing into shiny Pokemon like mesprit crescelia and legendary birds how do you get the nature you want them to have?

You could just use pokesav?

How do you get darkria in pearl?

You have to go to New Moon Island. Similar to the Crescelia event. Haven't done it yet but good luck!!! I think you might need the poketch ap to follow it around. THE SHINIES ARE PURPLE!!! Dragonites are better but equally challenging to get.

What legenedary Pokemon are in Pokemon peal?

Palkia, is the main, and first legendary you find. Then there are Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf. After beating the elite four you can catch Giratina, Crescelia, and Heatran. If you did the special event or got the prize in mystery gift you can get Darkrai. If you migrate the regi's from saphire, ruby, or emerald version, you can go to the cave in snowpoint and catch regigigas. you can get Arceas in a special event as well. and im not sure if you can get shaymin in pearl without cheating.

Why does Crescelia 'take a deep breath' in Pokemon explorers of sky?

Because she has to breathe too. She IS alive, you know. Haven't YOU ever taken a deep breath? As to WHY she would specifically take a "deep breath", I'm not sure I could say for sure, as I've only done Time, not Sky. However, I would bet she had a good reason, probably due to a stressful situation, as otherwise I can't imagine you'd be interacting with her. I could be wrong, but the question IS pretty pointless and does no good. So what if she took a deep breath? Would the story be any different if it were a normal one? ALSO, it COULD be a translation thing. That DOES happen.

Where and how do you find crescelia?

Cesselia is located at Fullmoon Island. She flees but you'll get to record her on your national dex. Creselai will leave a lunar wing in her place. (You'll have to visit Sailor Eldrich's house before you do all of this. The boy will be in bed saying something is watching over him, that'll be Darkrai. The father, Sailor Eldrich himself who is the sailor next to the boat will tell you to go to Fullmoon Island to receive the Lunar Wing). After all that you'll have to catching Cresselia using a masterball (if you haven't used already against Dialga/Palkia). Cresselia roams around the Sinnoh region and you'll catch her at Lv. 50. She be albe to use Future Sight, Moonlight and two other moves. BY the way Cresselia is a legendary but you know that anyway don't you.

How do you catch crescelia without a master ball?

Well, she keeps her health just like Mesprit, so put a haunter/gengar at the front of your party (because those pokémon have real high speed) at a higher level than Creselia, so that it has a higher speed than Creselia. Therefore, your pokémon goes first. Give your haunter/gengar these following moves: Mean Look, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Night Shade. You use Mean Look first to make her not run away, then Hypnosis just as a precaution, then Dream Eater and Night Shade until she's down to red! (Ghost moves are super effective against her so watch her health closely) Once she's in red, throw a Poké Ball or whatever you have at her (you may have to throw several, so just use Mean Look every now and then) and then you've got her! also you can use trapinch but dont switch it out and dont evolve it or you can use sudowoodo and use block.

All about the lengendarie Pokemon?

Legendary Pokemon are Pokemon that are only found once in the game and cannot be breed (except Manaphy). Legendary Pokemon are also found in a special place such as Mewtwo is only found in Cerulean Cave. Legendary Pokemon can sometimes be only obtained during an event such as Darkrai. Here is a list of all the Legendary Pokemon from each generation Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow versions) Moltres Articuno Zapdos Mew Mewtwo Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions) Entei Raiku Suicune (Crystal) Ho-oh (Gold and Crystal) Lugia (Silver and Crystal Celebii Generation 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions) Regice Regirock Registeel Latias (Sapphire and Emerald) Latios (Ruby and Emerald) Kyogre (Sapphire and Emerald) Groudon (Ruby and Emerald) Rayquaza Jarachi (Emerald) Deoxsys Generation 4 (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions) Dialga (Diamond and Platinum) Palkia (Pearl and Platinum) Giratina Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Heatran Regigigas Crescelia Uxie Azelf Mesprit There will be more...

How do get Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond?

This is a multi-step process.1. Go to jubilife city with a Pokemon knowing surf. 2. Go to the far left of jubilife NOT where the GTS is, where the building with the flags is. 3. If you get to a green place surrounded by trees, water, rocks and there is a wooden bridge connected to a small green island with another wooden bridge not connected to anything, then go to the bridge not connected to anything and surf left. 4. After getting on to an island where there is a sailor and a boy next to tall grass then head southwest. (Toward the red thing) 5. After getting to canalave city then go north, across a drawbridge, south, talk to a sailor, and he'll tell you if you need to go to Iron island or fullmoon island (he should unless he only tells you Iron island or tells you to help his family, which I think is getting crescelia) 6. once your on fullmoon island, then go northeast into a forest with a crescent shaped pond and... ...A dark figure you should save in front of... ...Called Darkrai... There were several Darkrai events all over the planet. If you missed these events the only way to get a Darkrai is by trading it with someone. Of course there are also cheating methods, but I don't like those so won't discuss that.

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