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How do you get cut in Pokemon?

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In Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen, Cut can be obtained by talking to the captain of the S.S. Anne, the ship that is docked in Vermilion Harbor. If you don't have the ticket, go north of Cerulean City (Misty's town) and follow the path until you reach the house. After changing Bill the Pokemaniac back into a human, you will receive a ticket for S.S. Anne. You can also simply trade a Pokemon that knows cut from another game, but you'll need another gameboy and another Pokemon game with cut on it. Also keep in mind that not all Pokemon can learn it. Cut is also a VERY weak move, and you can't get rid of it, so give it to something that you don't battle with.

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How do you use cut in Pokemon tower defense?

To use cut in Pokemon tower defense you have to have a pokemon with cut and put the pokemon that has cut next to the tree you want to cut.

How do you cut tree in Pokemon Gold?

You need to have a Pokemon that knows Cut. To cut trees, have the Pokemon that knows Cut use it to cut down the tree.

How do you use hm cut in Pokemon Yellow?

You simply teach your Pokemon cut, go on start, select Pokemon, select the Pokemon you tought cut, and then select cut at the tree u want to cut down. You simply teach your Pokemon cut, go on start, select Pokemon, select the Pokemon you tought cut, and then select cut at the tree u want to cut down.

In Pokemon red how does a Pokemon use cut out of battle?

press start go to Pokemon select Pokemon who knows cut select cut

Which Pokemon are compatible with cut in Pokemon Platinum?

Search 'Cut' on

What Pokemon could learn cut?

most Pokemon can learn cut

Where is hm cut in pokemon glazed?

How to get the hm cut in pokemon glaze

Is there a short cut to the Pokemon league building in Pokemon Pearl?

No, there is no short cut to the Pokemon league building in Pokemon pearl.

What Pokemon learn cut maturely?

No Pokemon can learn Cut by level up.

What is the button to cut the tree in pokemon leaf green?

If there is a pokemon in your party that can use Cut and you have the second badge then face a tree that can be Cut down press A on it then press A on YES to cut the tree alternatively you can open the pokemon screen and select your pokemon and press A on Cut.

How do you you CUT trees in Pokemon Blue version?

You have to get the HM01(cut) , teach it to a Pokemon and when you're facing the a tree to cut down open the Pokemon team menu and click on the Pokemon that knows cut and select the cut option. You also need the second gym badge

How do you use the cut technique in Pokemon Blue version?

First teach your Pokemon cut then you must beat the 2nd gym leader now press Start and press A on Pokemon your Pokemon will be displayed choose the Pokemon you taught Cut to and press A on it a menu will show up with diffrent commands choose Cut now your Pokemon will use cut.

Pokemon naranja version how to have a nincada how to have cut in Pokemon naranja version?

how to have a nincada how to have cut in Pokemon naranja version?"

In Pokemon Ruby how do you cut down a tree?

Have one of your Pokemon use the move Cut.

Where is a Pokemon that knows cut in Pokemon firered version?

Grass Type Pokemon and those who have sharp claws can learn cut.

How do you teach a pokemon cut?

You have to beat the first gym and then you'll get the HM cut. Just teach the HM cut to one of your pokemon. :)

What Pokemon can learn cut?

Maybe every grass Pokemon can learn cut well not Lombre.

Who knows cut on Pokemon ruby version?

You need to get the hm cut then teach it to a grass Pokemon

What is the best Pokemon to teach cut to it in Pokemon Crystal?

I would teach the move cut to paras.

What Pokemon can learn HM cut?

only Pokemon with sharp claws can learn the hm cut

How do you cut a tree in Pokemon FireRed?

you use cut

How does your pokemon cut the bush in pokemon tower defence in route 2h in pokemon tower defnce?

the pokemon that knows cut must be infront of the tree and that's it

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon ruby?

One of your Pokemon must know cut and then you go up to the tree and press a to use cut to cut down the tree

Where do you find the hm cut in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire you can find the HM Cut in Rustboro City. Go into the house that is located next to the pokemon center, and the man there will give you cut.

How do you use the HM cut in Pokemon red version?

Teachit to a Pokemon then in front of the tree bring up the menu on the Pokemon that you taught ans select cut or Just press a at a tree a Pokemon hjas to know cut