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You can not get dark Pokemon on Pokemon diamond and pearl


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Pokemon dark cry is not official so its impossible

You can't. There is no such thing in any legit version of Diamond or Pearl.

There are many different dark Pokemon in Diamond. To find a complete list of them you can go here: It lists all of the dark Pokemon from all of the games.

A code for Entei...sorry but there´s no Code for a Entei in Diamond!

There is no action replay code of getting all of the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond version. But there is an action replay code of getting all Pokemon in the pokedex.

No. Oshawatt is not present in Pokemon Diamond.

In Pokemon Diamond, I would say it is easy to find a Noctowl or Hoothoot after it becomes dark.

The Id Code For Pokemon Diamond Is ADAE-636791C0 this code may vairy depending on which country you are from

its a action replay code:12068Ac6 60000460

Its not a code ALL YOU do is get a Pokemon and turn the screen

There is no such thing as the 'Jewel of Life' in Pokemon Diamond.

you cant get a dark stone it does not exist

Firstly its Darkry not dark cry and secondly its a Pokemon obtained by hacking pearl or diamond.


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