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How do you get destined rivals story in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2?


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It is very simple just beat Gohan in the beginning of Majjin Buu Saga with Goten if you don't believe me just go to and type in Tenkaichi 2 Cheats


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You get destined Rivals when you beat Gohan with Goten in the Majin Buu Saga. This saga is also the last saga.

For 100% completion u must defeat the all the opponents including in survive battles. Then you can unlock the destined rivals saga.After completing these stories you will get 100% completion.

Defeat Grandpa Gohan in "Destined Rivals: 03" to unlock Kid Goku.

play the "destined rivals"and as goku when you are about to fight vegeta in world tournament go to kami'slookout and talk to king Kai and defeat the opponent and earn the z item of 'master roshi's pupil'and kid goku.

defeat grand pa gohan in free event dentined rivals when you first control goku at kamis lookout

first go to dragon aadventure then go on magrin buu saga. then do the mission training with goten. and win with gohan . then you will unlock destined rivals.

beat grandpa gohan in the free event in the destined rivals saga when you first take control of Goku.

you wil need to ficht against radits you wil need to ficht against radits

In the free event in the Destined Rivals saga at Kami's Lookout with Goku (The first time you control Goku). To get him, you need Master Roshi's Pupil and Fox Mask. To get them, Beat Grandpa Gohan for the Pupil and then for the fox mask, in Dragon Adventure mode, in the Buu Saga, go to chapter 11. Find the yellow dot on your map in the Mountain Road area. Fight Yamcha, if you win you also get 1,000,000 zenie

First you need to defeat gohan with goten in majin buu saga and then destined rivals shut be available in the scenario select.

goku + vegeta,yamcha+ tien,cooler+frieza,super 17+cell,and majin buu+janemba

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Union of Rivals 7-15 was released on: USA: 7 November 2002

it takes some steps but here it goes.u need to go to majin buu saga and go back to the fight that goten and gohan train and you need to win him.and the u get a new senerio called destine the senerio u need to beat grampa gohan in the look out will be able to go to the look out tower in the fourth fight and wen u win him he will give u kid owe me a dollar for answering ur question!!!!!

You get him by fusing Master roshi's pupil+Fox mask you get master roshi's pupil by unlocking destined rivals to do that you go to the level of the majin buu saga the one where you have to fight gohan with goten. after you unlock destined rivals go to the third one where you go to the tournament but don't go in the arena go to kami's lookout if you go to kamis lookout you'll end up in another world so talk to the man and he will show you grampa gohan fighting so if you fight him and you win you'll get either grampa gohan himself or Master roshi's pupil. So, to get the fox mask you go the majin buu saga and go to the level two majin buu's so don't go to the red dot go to the one at the far top right in the mountains. When your there talk to Yamcha and he will say that if you beat me ill give you 1000000 zeni so try your best to beat him if you do he'll give you the money and the fox mask. That's it so thanks for reading.

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