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Well, other than the painful, surgical option, you could simply get your cheeks, or non existent dimples pierced. If you leave them in long enough, it will create permanent dimples. It is a less painful and less cheaper way that cosmetic surgery. Although, dimples are a natural born defect.

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Q: How do you get dimples without surgery?
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Is there a surgery to get dimples?


Did Nicki Minaj get surgery on her fake dimples?

that is her real dimples

How do you get rid of dimples?

There is no way to get rid of dimples other than plastic surgery. Dimples are very cute. Many people would like to have dimples.

How do you remove dimples in the chin?

I really don't think that that is physically possible without resorting to surgery or medical procedures...

How can you make it look like you have dimples?


Are dimples a cheek disorder?

These are determined genetically: passed on hereditarily. Or you can get plastic surgery to get dimples. Hope I helped (Sorry, there is no way to just get dimples.) :( -AGrande<3

How Can You Get Dimples Without Surgery?

Sorry, you can't but if you want to, I would choose wisely because many people find them unnatractive, even if Cheryl Cole for have them.

How do you pierce dimples?

its dangerous to pierce your dimples without professional help and proper tools

Do you have to have dimples to get them pierced?

You can get almost any thing pierced even without dimples you can get tht pierced and i tink if you did that it would make you look like you have dimples

How do you get back dimples?

in my opionion i dont think you can get back dimples because you have to be rather born with it getting it either from ur mom or dad *genes* so basically i dont think you can have dimples unless plastic surgery?

Why put dimples on golf balls?

Dimples make the ball aerodynamic and allows it to fly with stability. Without dimples the flight of the ball would be very unpredictable.

Why do golf balls have dints in them?

These are called dimples, they make the ball aerodynamic, without these dimples a ball could not fly.

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