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It is possible to unlock it.

You need to do all unlocked events and you will unlock it on DS anyway!

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You need to knock out your opponent or knock them down three times.

Mario&sonic at the winter Olympics

Eggman and bowser plan to ruin the Olympics, when sonic and Mario hear this they come together to stop the villans plans

It's Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. And there are no cheats for the game.

Well he can if you fight Bowser with Sonic on Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii or if you go on Dream Boxing on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games as Sonic over and over again and you may be vs Bowser eventually.

yes. but its Mario&sonic at the WINTER Olympics there is another one coming out in 2012, and it is the Mario and sonic at the olympic games 2012

sonic generation play station 3 sonic colors wii sonic and the black night wii sonic rush ds sonic and mario winter olympics wii sonic and mario london olympics wii thats all i know

One of my friends had Mario and Sonic the Olympic games for the DS, and he says it's only minigames and it has nothing to do with the olympics, so probably not.

Complete the Circuits to unlock the Dream Events.

don't know find out on a better website

They are, but they get really competitive with each other, especially in the Olympics.

LOADS! Sonic colors, sonic rush, Mario and sonic at the Olympic games (Now there's 2012 Olympics and winter Olympics!) Sonic unleashed, Sonic and the secret rings, sonic generations, sonic heroes, sonic adventure 2 battle, sonic adventure, sonic 2006, the original sonic the hedgehog AND MUCH MORE

On Nintendo ds Mario kart is way better. Same for wii.

The next Mario game will come out Late december of 2013 and will be Mario and Sonic: Winter Olympics 2013

Mario & sonic at the london olympics for the 3ds are currently the newest. The most coming soon sonic-only game is currently Sonic 4 episode 2.

the newest sonic game is not 100% his it is Mario and sonic at the winter Olympics it come out on wii and the ds. i hope this helps

Mario -luigi -Yoshi- peach --bowser-daisy-wario-waluigi-sonic-dr eggman-knuckles-tails-Amy-blaze-shadow-vector

Find him in a dream event who knows which he will be at.

omg just get a wired or wireless router and connect it to ur wii

r u trying to ask if there super forms r in Olympics the nthe answer is no if not then i don't know what ur talking about