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You'd have to prove to the court that it would be in your best interest to be emancipated, which means you would have to have a very valid reason for it. In addition, you'd have to prove that you are capable of fully supporting yourself without any assistance. The court could require other things as well. You need to check the laws of your specific state for the requirements. Be aware that not all states have an emancipation statute.

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Q: How do you get emancipated at the age 16 if your mom will not sign the papers for it?
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How can you get emancipated if your mom won't sign for it and you have a baby in the state of Tennessee?

In order to get emancipated you have to live in a state that has an emancipation law. Tennessee does not have one.

What age can a teen mom move out with permision?

18, unless you get emancipated.

If a girl is 17 and is enlisted in the army program and signed the papers and her mom did too does that make her emancipated right away since her mom signed the papers?

Ask your recruiter. He will be familiar with the applicable laws and Army regulations.

How do you become a First Nations?

To become apart of a first nations your mom or dad has to be a first nations. if they do not get you registered when you are a baby you would have to get them to sign papers from the reserve that they are from and get your mom or dad to sign them.

If you sign adoption papers over to your mom do you still have rights to see the child?

yes it is still your child and it they are your parents

How can you move school districts if your current one won't sign district option papers so you have to move in order to attend school and you have a job and your mom is willing to sign the papers?

If your School Districts won't sign a paper. talk to your parent if they are Willing to sign the paper or you can call Districts to find out about detail to move you another school.

Can I move out of my moms at the age of 18 and move into my dads legally?

yes you can because when i was 16 i was emancipated from my mom because we did not get along but when your 18 she can no longer tell you what to do.

What type of form do you need in order to sign papers that your mother cannot sign because she is goin blind?

I think you would have to take mom to an attorney and get her to get a power of attorney, other then that you cannot legally sign anything for her.

Even though your sister has temporary custody of you can your mom still sign the papers for you to get married?

You would need the signature of the person who has custody of you at the time.

How do you take your kid out of public school to homeschool?

By withdrawing them from the school district.

Can you get emancipated at age 15 if your dad is an alcoholic and mentally abusing you and your mom keeps telling you to leave?

Contact your local shelter and they will help you. You are smart to protect yourself.

Can a 15 year of age male be emancipated from his abusve mom in Georgia?

No, at 15 you would not be ready to be an adult so the court would put you in foster home.

I am 13 years old can I get emancipated from your mom?

At 13 you cannot get emancipated. Those states that allow it require you to be 16 and able to support yourself with no help.

If you get emancipated from your mom does that mean you get emancipated from a father who does not have custody of you?

A court order of emancipation must consider all persons with a parental interest in order to be valid.

You are 16 years old and want to be emancipated by your father who is an alcholic and your mom has custody of you I have seen him once in three years and he wont call for months or even years?

It does not sound like you know what being emancipated means. Being emancipated is where a minor under the age of 18 no longer wants their parents to be responsible for them and wants to be considered an adult by the state. This would mean that you would have all the rights of an 18 year old at the age of 16. If your mother has custody of you and you have no problem with her then i would see no reason to try to get emancipated.

How do you get your mom to sign emancipation papers without taking her to court?

Neither action is a legal option. Emancipation of a minor can only be granted by the court, a parent signing a "paper" for the minor to be emancipated does not grant the minor emancipation rights. A parent cannot be forced to enter into such action by the minor child, the other parent or a court of law. The only exception would be if the court terminates parental rights for reasons of abuse and/or neglect of said minor, which then allows the minor to be made a "ward of the state", not emancipated.

How can you get emancipated if you and your mom and her boyfriend don't get along in Arizona and if you are seventeen?

Arizona has no emancipation statute.

Can you get emancipated with your moms permission without going through the court?

Your mom's permission doesn't negate the need to go through the courts. To be emancipated, it has to be on file, which your mom cannot do.

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If you are 15 years old and pregnant by a 19 year old and your parents are divorced and your Dad has custody of you do you need your Mom to sign for you to get married in Arkansas?

Not really your mom has to have custody of you to sign for you to get married in another state. ...Yes. You are still under-age. If you have the baby, you can then be amancipated.

What legal rights do a birth father have in Ontario if he found out he was the dad after the mom signed the adoption papers?

If he didn't sign his rights away then i believe he never lost any rights and can stop the adoption

My daughter was emancipated in new york state she's 18 will I have to start paying child support again if she moves back in with her mom?

Regardless, child support continues until age 21. see link

Can you get custody of your son if his mom sign over her parental right to her mom?


How can your best friend's mom adopt you?

Yes, if she signs adoption papers.

Birth cirtificate when mom in underage and father is legal?

both can sign. some hospitals will question depending on the age difference between the parents