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How do you get emancipated but your under age and you still want to go to school?


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To be emancipated, you would draft a Petition for Emancipation in accordance with your state's laws, and file it in the appropriate court.

Emancipation has no effect on whether or not you can go to school.

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if you still live with your parents then no. they can claim you on their taxes as a dependent and that makes you a minor. if you want to become an adult, get yourself emancipated

You dont have to get emancipated you are legal, but do the smart thing stay in school until you graduate, don't let the freedom get to you.Some people are very tempted to stop participating in school when they can do what they want and GOOD LUCK!!

in most states you have to be in the system for some odd reason to be emancipated with out your parents consent. if you want to be emancipated because you want to do your own thing like drop out of school or rebel in some ways then it would be hard to understand your parents stand point. if you are legally able to take care of yourself and attend school and provide for your self in every aspect then go the department of social services and ask for their help.

if he wants to move out. he can because he is independednt and i want all guys to have the freedom to buy a horse if they want ok jeez

you need to be 14 to be emancipated. yes it is possible, but you need to make that clear when you state your case, and to the parent you want to 'keep'. 16 to be emancipated from both.

You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission. You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission.

YES, YOU JUST HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF AS IF YOU WERE AN ADULT. Why would you want to be emancipated if you live at home? I can't help but wonder if it's a case of wanting the freedom to make all your own decisions, but still depending on Mom and Dad for support? If that is the case, then it's not going to happen.

If you are emancipated you can live anywhere you want. And, yes, you will be expected to pay rent! One of the most common rules to become emancipated is that you show you can support yourself.

If you are now emancipated by your parents first then it is up to them. if you are, then yes you can. if your parents however still are in control, then police can be sent to bring you back home.

By law you have to be 18 or If you get emancipated then you are free to do what ever you want.

If a school board is in congress, they are meeting. They get together to talk about how they want to run the school (or schools) under their supervision.

No, at 18 you can move out if you want. You are emancipated.

no, you have to be 18, unless you get emancipated at 16

well in my opinion i think they should because if they are 18 and still want to attend another high school that means you still want to keep on doing your work or at least your still trying and putting some effort into your studies don't you think? It would depend primarily on whether the high school you're interested in attending is willing to accept you as a student.

Usually no, you have to get both parents to agree unfortunately. If you don't want to be under your parents control/rules you can try to get emancipated

If you get emancipated by the state . If not then you have to wait until your 18 .

just tell your parents that you want to move out

Oh, you all ready got a judge to sign off on your emancipation? You have a job? You can support yourself? If you don't have these you are not emancipated. You don't state how old you are, but I must assume you are a minor who wants to be with a adult who is 27. As a minor your parents still have the responsibility for your welfare and actions.

Yes< if you are 18 years of age you are then considered an adult. Therfore you are free to do anything you want wiht out your parents permission. You can still attend high school at the age of 18. You can attend high school as long as you want until you graduate. Now Worries!!

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