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Sometimes, if you get your fingernails wet, you can take time to scrap the polish off. It takes a while, but it works! :-D

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Why do your fingernails hurt after you take off polish and not put new polish back on?

it shouldn't hurt but maybe you are allergic to the fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover you are putting on

What could cause your fingernails to turn orange?

Certain medications/drugs & Fingernail polish remover are the basics.

How do you remove no chip nail polish?

To remove no chip nail polish, using fingernail polish remover is the easiest way to get the polish off. The only thing you need to remove fingernail polish is a paper towel and the fingernail polish remover.

What is nailpolish remover?

nail polish remover is what you use to get nail polish off your fingernails. :)

How do you get nail polish off my kids?

Fingernail polish remover. :-)

How do you remove fingernail polish remover from wooden table?

you either gently scrape it of or you try acetone which is fingernail polish remover. the problem is that it may damage the coating on the table.

Can fingernail polish remove warts?

No, Fingernail Polish is used to paint your fingernails. Or else they would not call it fingernail Polish. If you were more than Likely to Use Fingernail Polish to Remove Warts, the Wart Would Not Remove. This is because, the Wart Continues to get bigger, as you leave the fingernail polish on.

How do you remove dry fingernail polish from a wood laminate floor?

You can remove dry fingernail polish from a wood laminate floor by first using fingernail polish remover or acetone to cut the polish. Then, use your fingernail to scrape the remaining polish from the floor.

What is the molar mass of fingernail polish remover?

Fingernail polish remover is acetone, which has a formula of (CH3)2CO. Using the Periodic table and a bit of addition, we come up with a molar mass of 64.06g.

How do you take fingernail polish off?

you go get nail polish remover at a store. The only glitch is, do not use nail polish remover if the carpet contains acetate.

What takes fingernail polish off of a shirt?

try nail polish remover or goof off

How do you get crazy glue off of an eyeglass lens?

eyeglasses rescuefingernail polish remover ANS 2 -Make sure your lens is real glass ! or 'fingernail polish remover' will really destroy your glasses

How do you remove fingernail polish from your tennis shoes?

I'm pretty sure nail polish remover will work

How do you remove hardened superglue from glass?

Try some fingernail polish remover.

How do you get sharpie off of a phone?

You could try using fingernail polish remover!

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to smell fingernail polish remover?

The smell of fingernail polish remover could make a pregnant woman feel nauseous or faint. It is best to stay away from toxic fumes during pregnancy.

How do you remove fingernail polish from the screen of a tv?

Use some nail polish remover and a cotton ball to remove it.. (:

When was fingernail polish remover discovered?

Nail polish can be traced back to at least 3000 BC when it originated in China

How do you remove fingernail polish from porous tub?

nil polish remover, you can get it from anywhere; sally's salon, walmart, etc. :)

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